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Distinguish Between The Platinum And White Gold

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Which is better? The answer of this question is very difficult to predict. This guide will walk you through the platinum vs white gold of each and help you decide which option is better for you.

What is meant by white gold?

Not everyone knows that white gold does not exist naturally. It is made of yellow gold mixed with the white alloy such as palladium or silver. Later, it was treated with a beautiful plating of a rare silver-white metal called rhodium. The final rhodium plating gives white gold its luster.

Why is white gold mixed with other metals?

White gold is mixed with alloys because gold as a metal is very soft. If you use your own pure gold in your jewelry, it will bend quickly. For this reason, both yellow gold and white gold must be mixed with harder alloys to make the jewelry more hard and durable.

What is meant by platinum?

Platinum is a naturally occurring white metal. It is rarer than gold and much heavier because of its hardness; Platinum can be used in a purer form than gold. Usually about 95%, so platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold jewelry.

Is platinum scratch resistant?

Many people believe that platinum is true, but not all correct what really happens is that even if the platinum doesn’t scratch, the surface of platinum can cause minor bumps and ridges.

This “groove” is natural because the metal is pushed to one side and the other while the owner of the jewelry is wearing it; this is especially true for engagement and wedding rings that are worn on your hand each day because they are constantly in contact with hard surfaces. This peeling of the skin of platinum jewelry is, known as “The stain of age,” is considered desirable. The stains that list platinum jewelry are very much loved and used and give a feeling of an ancient heirloom.

Which is better?

The difference between Platinum Vs White Gold is given by,

  • Durability: Platinum and white gold are both durable metals that respond to a variety of shocks, pressures, and scratches.
  • Colour: Another distinguishing factor is colour. At the same time, platinum is a naturally white metal. White gold is made by combining pure gold with metal alloys such as palladium.
  • Cost: The final consideration is cost. Platinum jewelry tends to be more expensive than white gold jewelry. However, the need for white gold means there are additional maintenance costs over time compared to platinum.

Platinum VS white gold – Final Verdict:

The main advantage of white gold over platinum is that it is very inexpensive. However, the downside is that you may need to coat the white gold with rhodium often. This is inconvenient and can cost more over the years.

On the other hand, platinum jewelry is more expensive than white gold initially. This can be limited if you are on a small budget. However, it can be argued that platinum is better than white gold because it is more cost-effective and have a better investment value in the long run.


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