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Top 6 Kitchen Ideas For Homeowners With Copper Range Hoods

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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When it comes to designing your dream home, there are endless opportunities for creativity. Of course, many people choose to incorporate elements like wood and natural materials into their space. However, if you have an affinity for copper or an unexpected range hood in your kitchen, you may be inspired to bring those unique details out in your design.

There are so many ways that incorporating copper into your kitchen design can be beneficial. Copper is certainly a unique material with a variety of uses. When combined with design ideas that focus on the quality of light and brightness within the space, adding copper accents will result in a dynamic final product.

If you’re considering implementing copper into your new home’s kitchen designs, here are some ideas for integrating copper into your home’s décor with ease:

1. Incorporate Natural Light With Tempered Glass

One of the most important aspects of kitchen designs is bringing natural light into the space. Copper naturally attracts light, so it can easily draw attention to this important design feature.

With tempered glass panels, you can create bright and beautiful panels that are sure to draw attention. Whether you want to let the light filter through or want to use it as a design feature with a brushed finish, tempered glass is an excellent choice.

2. Choose Bold Colors To Highlight the Copper Accents

While copper is certainly a bold material in its own right, adding a splash of vibrant color to your space is one way to further enhance the boldness of your copper accents. This will help to draw attention to copper range hoods, while also incorporating the colors that you love into your kitchen designs.

The color you choose will depend on the look you are trying to achieve. For example, oranges and reds will bring warmth and energy to a space, whereas blues and greens are more subdued and calming.

3. Use a Darker Shade of Copper for Your Wall Space

If you are concerned that copper accents may be too visually loud in your space, consider using a darker copper for your walls. This will help to tone down the copper accents and make the design choices more balanced.

Darker copper tones will still allow your copper accents to shine, while also helping to create a more subtle appearance for the design elements.

4. Decorate Using Art Pieces

Wall art can help to tie your kitchen design together and create a cohesive look and feel throughout the space while still drawing attention to the unique design elements you have incorporated into your kitchen.

Copper-themed wall art, in particular, is a great option for those who want to bring attention to a specific design element, such as your copper range hood.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Include Some Metallic Elements

Although your kitchen designs will centre around copper accents, it is important to mix in some other metallic elements to create a cohesive design.

Copper and stainless steel are excellent choices, as they work well together and create a beautiful visual aesthetic. In addition, stainless steel is extremely durable and will last for years, making it a great choice.

6. Choose Copper Range Hoods With LED Lighting

A range hood is a functional and necessary piece of kitchen equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a creative and aesthetic touch to the design. One of the most important design elements you can incorporate is the lighting.

LED lighting will ensure that you properly see and use your range hood to maximum effect. If you have the hood installed over your cooking area, having LED lighting will illuminate the entire space so you can see what you’re cooking.

In Conclusion

Kitchen design should be fun and creative. You can include any elements that you want, as long as they fit with the rest of your design. There are endless design possibilities when you’re designing your dream kitchen. Whether you want to incorporate copper, stainless steel, or any other unique materials, you can do so with ease if you follow these tips.



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