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Top 4 Tips to Cover Your Pergola

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Every house owner prefers turning their backyard into a cozy relaxation spot where they can spend some quality time alone or with their friends or families.

Despite the reason, installing a pergola in your backyard is a great idea. But, how can you leverage all the benefits of pergola when the temperature in the summer becomes unbearable? Is there any solution to shield yourself and your guests from the scorching sun? There is one solution and that is high-quality pergola covers.

Pergola covers are a great attachment for your backyard pergola. They will enhance the lifespan of the pergola as well as protect you from the sun. Even though you need to hire contractors to install pergola covers, but it’s also possible to do it on your own. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips to cover your pergola.

Prepare the Tools

Since installing pergola covers require a lot of concentration, you should prepare and accumulate all the tools you need for the installation process. This way you can avoid multiple trips as well as confusion.

If you don’t have a solid tool belt in your home, consider using something like a fanny pack that is capable of holding screws, nails, and other small and necessary things for the project. As per Safety Tool Box Topics, the weight of the tool belt should be balanced. You can also ask someone from your family to assist you.

Measure the Size of the Pergola

This is one of the most important steps. Make sure you measure the size of the pergola beforehand. This way you can avoid purchasing too much or too little fabric for your pergola.

You must use the measurement tape to measure the lengths of each of the four sides of the pergola roof. Take correct measurements so that you can install great pergola covers. Additionally, don’t forget to write down the measurements on a piece of paper as the information will come in handy.

Choose the Correct Shade Cloth of Your Pergola

Before you purchase anything, you need to do some research to know what you’re spending your money on. If you’re choosing the fabric of your pergola cover, make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • It should be capable of blocking the UV rays.
  • It should be breathable so that you don’t feel suffocated.
  • It must be clean of any dirt.
  • It should not cause a wrinkle.
  • It should be waterproof.

Additionally, make sure that the fabric of your pergola cover is larger than the canopy. If you notice excess material, you can easily cut it.

Unfold the Pergola Shade Fabric

While unfolding the fabric, position the ladder in an accurate spot so that you can gain access to the roof of the pergola. This way you can easily cover the whole surface of the canopy.

However, make sure that extra materials are hanging from each side of the pergola so that you can install them on the roof later. Additionally, the fabric should stay loose. The fabric length of one foot should be hanging over each side of the pergola.


These are the top tips you should remember to cover your pergola. Do you have any questions regarding the installation process of pergola covers? Comment below to let us know.


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