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Tips for Maintaining Oral Health with Dentures

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Though you may believe that your dental routine can be eased now that you have fewer/no teeth, many patients are startled to learn that their dentures require just as much care as their natural teeth. Denture wearers must not only clean and maintain their fake teeth, but they must also take special care to keep their jaws healthy. 

This is because the gums serve as a foundation for the dentures, and any irritation produced by germs can quickly cause ulcers on the gums, making wearing dentures exceedingly uncomfortable. If you’re new to dentures and aren’t sure how to properly care for them, check out our handy guide by a cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton on recommendations for preserving dental health with dentures below.

Regularly Clean your Gums

The daily washing of the mouth and gums is the first step in practicing proper oral hygiene while wearing dentures. Dentists recommend cleaning the gums with a moist washcloth after removing dentures to remove food particles, germs, and denture glue. Non-alcoholic mouthwash can also rinse and kill microorganisms in the mouth.

Before Going to Bed, Take off your dentures

Cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton says sleeping with dentures is an easy way to ruin them. It is also a fantastic way to damage gum tissue because the pressure from chewing and wearing dentures all day destroys the gum tissues and can lead to other oral health problems. So, it is always suggested by the dentists to remove them before going to bed. Your body and your teeth also need rest regularly from those dentures. 

After each Meal, Rinse your Dentures

Eating with dentures causes food particles to become caught between the prosthetic teeth and plaque to build on the surface of the teeth. If the particles and plaque linger on the dentures for an extended period, they can cause significant gum disease such as periodontitis if the plaque solidifies and turns into tartar. This is avoidable simply by cleaning the dentures after each meal.

Dentures should be Handled with Caution

Dentures are not very durable and must be treated with caution, especially when cleaning them. To prevent the dentures from injury when removed, fill the sink with water so that they do not break if they fall in. In addition, the sink can sometimes be dirty but you need to ensure that it is cleaned properly. 

Visit your Dental Prosthetist on a Regular Basis 

Seeing your best dentist in Boca Ratonregularly is one of the essential strategies for preserving oral health. First, your dental prosthetist will most likely want to see you every few months to ensure that everything fits appropriately. As your mouth adjusts to your dentures, this may be increased to twice a year.

Every Time you Eat, Rinse your Dentures

Aside from brushing your dentures regularly, it’s also good to give them a quick rinse after eating. This can be done every time you eat something or whenever possible (since it is not always possible while away from home).

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A fast rinse helps prevent bacteria and stains from accumulating on your dentures and food from becoming caught between your gums. If food becomes trapped, it can create inflammation and blisters, which, if left untreated, can develop into gum disease. 

Wrapping Up!

Hope this blog helps you know about dentures and how they can be cared for. Even if your natural teeth have been replaced with dentures, maintaining your oral health is critical. If you have dentures and would like further information on maintaining your oral health and keeping them from being damaged, ask your best dentist Boca Raton during your next appointment.

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