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Tile installation checkup list

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Tile installation or tile repairing is done to give your house floor a new and attractive look. Tile installation is a very time-consuming and expensive process. Several tile installation companies offer several services and different types of tile installation. Tiling a wall, floor, splashback, and wet room all are basic installations that are done in installation work. The professional contractors of tile installation follow some basic steps which include a checklist of work to get it done in a specified time.

1. Choosing the perfect material

Tile installation is very costly work. By choosing suitable quality material could lessen your budget and give your home a perfect fresh look. While selecting a tile material for tile installation some things must be considered:

  • Suitable design versatility
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Simple to repair and maintain
  • Durable and long-lasting

2. Make research

If you are thinking of getting tile installation and you don’t know that how will you start. Then, research by simply visiting tile installation companies, showrooms, and display centers to get ideas for your installation. By visiting different places and making some research that how much will it cost you and what type of tile must be used in kitchen flooring, bedroom floor, and washroom walls.

3. Shop around for tiles:

While you are ready for tile installation, before starting it one must do the shopping for perfect tiles that are meant to be used in this installation. You must shop around to find different kinds of tile from which will be suitable for your house tile installation. Multiple tiles cost very lot. You can simply reduce the cost by using wood flooring tile to replace marble tiles. Granite, ceramic, and porcelain are the most cost-effective tiles.

4. Getting in contact with contractors

While it is time to repair, replace or installation of new tile, then you must contact professional contractors and let them complete the job for you. These professional contractors are well equipped and well trained to do tile installation at a specified time. Type of installation which is offered by them includes plain layout, ceramic porcelain, glass tile, cement, marble floor, and granite stone. These contractors use professional tools and techniques to complete the job without bringing any damage to the property.

5. Tools used for tile installation

The experts of tile installation make a complete list to make this work done in a specific time. They use all necessary tools which are required for tile installation. Some of the tools which are used in the installation are mentioned below:

  • Measuring tape: To complete the tile installation perfectly, a measuring tape is used to note the size and dimensions of the tile so that your floor will get a perfect look after the new installation.
  • Using a pencil to make marks on tile: Lines are drawn on the surface of the tile to get an estimate from where to cut the tile to make it fit on the floor.
  • Use of tile cutters: These cutters are used to cut tiles in a perfect shape and make them fixable on the surface of the floor.
  • Use of tile nippers: These nippers are used to remove small pieces of peeled-off tiles to make a clean and perfect space for a new tile to get fixed.
  • Bucket required for mixing: If you are thinking of getting tile installation without any mess, then you are wrong. A bucket is used to mix grout with adhesive to make a paste that will stick the tile on the floor.
  • Sponge to clean the floor: After completing tile installation, the remains of dirt, spots, and grout are left on the floor. A sponge is used to clean them perfectly and bring their shine out.

6. Checking surface condition for tile installation

Before the beginning of tile installation, the floor surface is checked for whether there is any need for repairing the floor. The old tiles are removed from the floor, a thick paste of grout and adhesive is poured on the floor that fills the gaps or spaces in between the floor so that tile must fit in place. After installing, the drying process is done to give a perfect shape for your floor.


The tile floor installation is a much expensive process. You can lessen this cost by simply picking the perfect and low-maintenance tile for your tile floor installation. You can simply clean the fresh tile installation by using a soft cloth, sponge, and broom after which weekly maintenance and cleanup are essential for a perfect shape. The damaged or broken pieces of tiles must be replaced at once. If these broken tiles are ignored it could damage your remaining tile and make your floor look dirty.


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