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Stun Gun vs. Pepper Spray: What Are the Differences?

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One of the most popular weapons for self-defense includes pepper spray. But what about a stun gun? What is the difference between a stun gun vs. pepper spray?

Despite their names, many people don’t understand the difference between the two. And some people don’t know what a stun gun is or how to use one. But, many people likely carry pepper spray with them while they’re out and about.

What is pepper spray? What is a stun gun? Keep reading to learn the difference and so much more.

How Do I Use a Stun Gun? 

A stun gun creates electroshock when coming into contact with someone. Stun guns come in many shapes, including a cellphone, flashlight, or USB. This makes them simple to carry around in your pocket or purse.

The device has two prongs. For the gun to work, you have to touch someone’s body, and it will deliver a strong shock. The shock immobilizes the attacker, allowing you to reach safety.

How Do I Use Pepper Spray? 

Pepper spray is one of the most common forms of self-defense. Many women and people carry it around with them. It makes a great weapon because it’s small, and you can carry it inside your pocket or purse.

Pepper spray has capsicum inside of it. And it’s activated by pushing a button. Aim toward the eyes of your attacker and push the button down, activating the spray.

Once sprayed, the attacker feels a burning sensation and will close their eyes. This gives you time to escape before they harm you further.

Stun Gun vs. Pepper Spray 

Unlike pepper spray, a stun gun creates electroshock, momentarily immobilizing the attacker. Pepper spray also immobilizes the attacker using a different method.

Stun guns are made to fit inside your purse or pocket, so they’re simple to carry with you. And they don’t have a push-button mechanism you have for use. The stun gun must touch your attacker before it activates, or else it won’t work.

Although pepper spray has a push-button mechanism, you don’t need to touch the attacker. Click the button down, and the device releases the spray, burning your attacker. This immobilizes them for a brief period of time. You can use pepper spray from a distance too.

One thing to keep in mind is the push-button mechanism may falter. Keep this in mind when choosing pepper spray as a self-defense weapon.

You can buy these weapons at many online stores. Try if you’re looking for self-defense weapons.

Pepper Spray and Stun Gun Guide

Weigh the pros and cons between a stun gun vs. pepper spray. This will help you decide which one suits your needs and lifestyle. Pepper spray works great for distance attacks, but a stun gun delivers a strong shock to the attacker.

These two self-defense weapons share close advantages and disadvantages. So, which you choose, choose it based on your lifestyle and what will benefit you the most. For more information about buying a stun gun or pepper spray, visit our website.


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