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Splash in Style: The Basics of Modern Luxury Swimming Pool Design

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The most expensive pool in the world cost $5.5 billion to create. Of course, there are less costly yet impressive pool designs if you don’t have billions to spare in your bank account.

Modern luxury swimming pool design has set the world alight with new trends, from infinity to floating pools. So if you’re interested in having a pool at your property but want something extra special, this article is for you. We’ll give you all the information about modern luxury swimming pool design.

Protruding Pools

If you want to make a statement about luxury, the protruding pool is for you. Your property should be on a hill or raised area with stunning views for the full grandeur.

The pool will begin at walk-in height before protruding out further than the land. It can sit on top of stilts, cement, or building blocks. You may also be interested in a freestanding version, which looks like it is floating out from the property.

Cascading Pools

Consider cascading pools for a calming effect. From small waterfalls to large feature water walls, they will make an impact. Cascading pools work particularly well with landscaped gardens.

For a traditional style, water will flow over rocks into the pool. Or, for a contemporary approach, shine LED lights onto the cascade water wall to reflect bright colors.

Scenic Baha Ledge Pools

Scenic pools are ideal for Insta-worthy shots and often include Baha ledges. The shallow ledge sits below the water’s surface and can be any shape or size.

Most popular is a Baha ledge that is large enough for two sun loungers. You’ll feel like you are at a 5-star resort while enjoying the view.

LED Pools

Modern LED pools are best if you want home illumination or often take a late-night dip. Night swimming is much safer in LED swimming pools, and they create a serene effect across the water.

In recent years, people have highlighted pool statues and underwater stencils with LED lights. An inside LED luxury swimming pool is reminiscent of a spa bath. As such, it is the ideal place to relax and unwind.

Pools With a Centerpiece

The ultimate in modern luxury for pools is one with a walkthrough centerpiece. Imagine a private, built-in pier towards the center of the swimming pool design.

Here you can create a soft seating enclosure with fairy lights. Add a fire pit and a palapa for late-night socializing.

Choosing the Right Building Materials

When choosing your modern luxury swimming pool design, it is vital to consider the best materials for the job. There are three main bases to select:

  1. Fiberglass pools are easy to install because they come pre-molded
  2. Concrete pools are more customizable than fiberglass, but require maintenance
  3. Vinyl pools are cheaper and more flexible than fiberglass, but will need replacing

We recommend talking to professionals about swimming pool styles that include warranties. For example, at, concrete pools come with a ten-year material and labor warranty.

Modern Luxury Swimming Pool Design for You

Your home will become a private resort-style oasis with a modern luxury swimming pool design. We’ve given you some of the trendiest designs for this year. So, now you can decide which style suits you and speak to the professionals.

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