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Smart Washer: Do I Need One At Home?

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Smart washers are rising in popularity among households, but why are these washers creating a buzz? What makes them any different from the regular washers we know?

 Some might think smart washers are only for commercial laundry shops; smart washers are big enough for household laundry.

Smart washers are far off from the regular ones; these washers have more advanced features. It uses wireless technology to connect with other smart devices or networks seamlessly. You can remotely control the smart washer through your smartphone or tablet.

Now, that’s not all. There are a lot of things you have to know about smart washers. But, let’s start with its features and whether you need one.

Features of Smart Washer

Does the noise and vibration of your washer annoy you? Well,  you can sleep through a laundry cycle with a smart washer. It does not generate noise or vibration, but that is not the only feature a smart washer offer. 

  • Advanced technology: Some smart washers go far to having voice assistance. But, what’s fascinating is smart washers have eco-bubble technology. Eco-bubble technology is when the smart washer produces lather from detergent by using only water and air. It does not have to undergo a cycle to create bubbles. The eco-bubble feature makes fabric penetration easier and more effective in cleaning the laundry load.


  • Convenience: You can remotely control the washer with your smartphone or tablet. You can start, pause, or continue your laundry cycle through the smart washer’s app, whether at home or work. It even sends a notification when the cycle is complete. Even placing a detergent or fabric softener is a no-brainer; smart washers have an auto-dose feature. The smart washer determines the quantity of laundry detergent per cycle for a specific laundry cycle.


  • Self-diagnostic: Do not underestimate the “smart” on smart washers. It has a self-diagnostic feature; smart washers can detect any issue. A clogged hose, blocked filter, or a need for regular cleaning are some of the issues. If there’s an issue, it notifies you through the app. Save yourself from trouble with its early detection of issues. It will save you more cost for repairs. But, if the issue is serious, it is better to ask for help from a technician.

These features are only a factor of why smart washers are loved by many. But, these smart washers come at competitive prices. You have to choose wisely the best one for your household.

Do You Need a Smart Washer?

Honestly, the answer depends on you, if it fits your preference and budget. If you are not yet ready to invest in smart washers and you find your local laundromat more convenient, then it’s your choice.

A smart washer is a good investment for a busy household. A smart washer solves this if you do not have time to bring it to the laundromat near you. You can do your laundry even when you are doing other important things.


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