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Should you put eyeliner on the bottom lid?

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It is well known that the eyes are the windows to the soul, they are the most captivating feature of your face. So exactly, it is the responsibility of makeup to enhance and define your eyes.  These are one of the most affordable highlighter available to prep up and arm your eyes to be the perfect attention seekers. So girls! Prove your point with eyeplay! Grab that eye pencil or liquid liner, and keep these do’s and don’ts so that you are well versed with what beautifies your eyes and what actually drags it down.

The basic fact is that you just trace your bottom eyelid and lash line with confidence with the least smudge. The smudge can make you look aged and it is different from the smudge and smoky effect you have around the eye region to look feline like. The ultimate purpose is to perfect the liquid liner, and make sure you got some colours in there. Apply the white liner on the inner part of the lower lid to make your eyes look bright, bigger and more refined. Know more about carthings

The Right Tips

For the novices, here is the truth being told: the white or nude eyeliner on the lower lid brightens the eye. Look effortlessly refreshed with those killer eyes projecting the colour of your iris. There are three forms of eyeliners. Each comes with a purpose.

  1. Gel
  2. Liquid
  3. Pencil liners 

Now handling these is a real art form. A firm hand and some tricks would do. When it comes to the lining of the upper lid, or the leashes, it is comparatively easier than the lower lid. The lining of the lower lid involves a lot of practice, patience and effort. It comes easy once you pass the test with the right kind of eyeliner form. For the longevity of the eyeliner on the lower lid, the gel liner amongst these three outlasts and performs the best from the other two. This too comes under the ambit of affordable highlighter for those magical eyes. The gel is not that running free like the liquid ones. The liquid ones on the lower lid can give you  a hard time as they can drip, smudge and even enter your eyes. It is a very common and irritating experience of having the liquid eyeliner inside the eye when trying to line the bottom lid. The story is different when liquid liners are used on the upper lid. The upper lid has a barrier: the lashes to hold the eyeliner from coming in contact with the inner eye region. That is not the case with the lower lid. There is not much of the natural barrier from letting it inside the eye. The whole plan goes awry and the eye makeup is messed up with frequent swipes and you end up with teary, blood red eyes.

Undo the whole situation easily with the long lasting, viscous and easily manageable eyeliner gels.  Waterproof eyeliner gels are the best to seek to outline the lower lid. For the inner part of your eyes, try out some lighter colours such as white, emerald and nude colours to feel feathery light when looked upon. The pencils and gels fare better when you are in a hurry to go with a quick makeup routine. The liquid is famous for getting out of hand in such hurried situations. Also, do not overload your makeup with thick lines on the bottom lid. It is expert advised to keep the upper lid defined with the thick lines while going with thin and coloured lines on the bottom. That is how you get the lifted up effect of your makeup. Otherwise, with thicker lines below, the face looks sad, drooping down and clumsy! So ladies, make sure you have the safe genre of eye highlighters such as these eyeliners as your permanent eye beautification companion. Make use of eye friendly contents be it gel, liquid or pencil. Leave the rest to your imagination and hand work.


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