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Salient Features of Outdoor Blinds

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Outdoor blinds are a great option for people who want to entertain under alfresco areas, patios and verandas. It provides privacy, comfort and protection from the harsh climatic conditions and irritating minuscule insects. The customised outdoor roller blinds are manufactured and hung using a variety of systems all around the world, including Zip screen and Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds. Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds, due to its quality, ease of use, durability,and cost-efficiency, is still preferred among the users.

Components of Outdoor Blinds

Following are the major components of the Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds:

  •       Ziptrak Spline
  •       Ziptrak Bottom Bar Guides
  •       Ziptrak Centrelock release mechanism
  •       Ziptrak Brackets and Pelmet Endplates

Few of the salient features of the Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are mentioned below so that the readers can make informed decisions and increase their value of money.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are made in Australia

Ziptrak Blinds is a purely Australian owned and operated company. The products are designed and made after extensive market research. The Australian community’s needs, requirements and weather conditions have been kept in mind while working on the products. Also, the partnership between the Inviron Inc. and Ziptrack means the jobs and the money stays here in Australia.

Ziptraks Outdoor Blinds are the market pioneers

They have given sunshade solutions to the Australian community for the last 30 years. As a result, they identified the people’s needs and requirements, which helped in curating solutions accordingly. No gap blinds and easy handling were the demand of the customers. Ziptrak blinds responded by introducing first of its kind Track-Guided blind system, which now is the most popular blind system in Australia.

Track-guided Blinds?

Track-guided means that the fabric in the outdoor blinds moves down the track, which is installed on the left and right sides. Track-guided blinds were designed to avoid gaps in the outdoor blinds. In other words, the Ziptrak Blinds help the customer seal the area avoiding loss of cold air or entering of pests in the arena.

Price of Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

price is an important factor in determining the popularity of the product. As it is locally made, the company passes the cost difference to its customers by reducing the cost of a product. All this helps in keeping Ziptrak blinds in demand.

Kedar in Ziptrak OutDoor Blinds

The most obvious and important feature that distinguishes Ziptrak from its competitors is how they retain the fabric in the sidetrack. The Ziptrak blind is held using a Cordura tape, known as Kedar. The kedar is not stitched but welded into the fabric to increase the durability. The kedar is very strong and can withhold a lot of force which means it stays intact even during harsh environmental factors. During the windy season, the round kedar also seems to Jam less, increasing ease in usage of the product.

Centre Release Lock in outdoor roller blinds

Ziptrak blinds have a variety of hold down options, including a centre release lock which is easy to use. Consumers can operate their channel locks from inside as well as outside. This helps in maximum utilisation of the product at various installations. Small rubber steal strips are also used to avoid gaps and fill in minute spaces.

Top Box of an Outdoor Roller Blinds

In entertaining alfresco areas, Ziptrak blinds are enclosed in the top box. Top box helps in securing the blind. It also protects the fabric, roller components, insertions and gives an overall nice aesthetic appeal.

A Registered, Trademark Product

Ziptrak blinds is a registered product. Due to the patent restrictions, many competitors are unable to produce a product with equivalent lock technology making Ziptrak blinds a market leader.

Ease of Utilisation

Ziptrak blinds provide maximum ease of utilisation for its customers. They are safe to operate with no chains, ropes, plugs and pullies. As a result, it is being safely installed in even toddler-friendly homes.

Ziptrak Blinds are the optimum solution in providing shade, extra space and versatility to your homes, offices or cafes. Due to its brilliant features, Ziptrak Blinds is the choice of numerous customers. Outdoor Blinds SouthWest deals in the fixing and installation of Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds and can provide the customer with a customised outdoor blinding solution with best quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the different types of outdoor blinds?

Ans: Different types of blinds are as follows:

  •       PVC Cafe Blinds
  •       Zip Screens
  •       Retractable Awnings
  •       timber outdoor blinds
  •       external Venetian blinds

Q2. How long do Ziptrak Blinds last?

Ans: It depends on the positioning of the Ziptrak blinds. Direct Sunlight impacts the life of the Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds. For blinds that are not exposed to Sunlight, the life of a Ziptrak blind even goes more than 15 years.

Q3. Can Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds keep aircon in?

Ans: Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds can reduce the heat from outside but is not best at keeping aircon in.



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