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Pros And Cons of Living in Nashville Tennessee

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Nashville is popular for its music scene, nightlife and outdoors. It is also known as Athens of the South and Songwriters Capital in the World. If you are thinking, is Nashville a good place to live and work? Then the answer must be yes. It is one of the best places to live and work in the United States. The city is very affordable and the price of renting an apartment is quite lower than other similar sized cities in the US. Here are the top pros and cons of living in Nashville Tennessee.

Pros of Living in Nashville

Lower unemployment rate

When people move into a new city, their first concern is about employment. If you live in Nashville then you do not need to worry. Employment rate in Nashville is very good. Also, the city is growing fast so career and business opportunities are  increasing year by year. If you are a student then after graduation you can easily find a job here. This is one of the best advantages of living in Nashville.

Great place for coffee lovers

If you are a coffee lover then you do not miss coffee anywhere in Nashville. You find many coffee shops in every street of Nashville. Also, they prepare good coffee. Let us know which coffee is your favorite in Nashville. Barista Parlor is one of the popular coffee shop chains in Nashville. They have more than 4 branches in Nashville. So visit this place once if you want to taste good coffee. Crema and Ugly Mugs are also good coffee shops in Nashville.

Music scenes

The city is popular for its music scenes. Nightlife in Nashville is one of the best in the United States. You see bars and pubs play live music everywhere in Downtown Nashville. There are also many recording studios in the city. Broadway is a popular street if you want to enjoy the popular music scenes of Nashville. If you live in Nashville then you never bore yourself on weekends. Go to any popular streets of Nashville and enjoy the nightlife.

Cons of living in Nashville

Public transportation

Public transportation is a big problem in Nashville. If you compare other major cities with Nashville, the city has only one transportation system called WeGo Public Transit. Also, it is only on limited routes. So, it does not cover the whole city.You have to hire taxis to reach where the bus system is not available. Train system is a major demand in Nashville due to its rapid economic growth.


As we said, public transportation is very less in Nashville. Due to this, traffic is very high in Nashville. It is the second major cons of living in Nashville. People use taxis and their own cars to commute in the city and it causes heavy traffic on the streets. People spend hours every month in this heavy traffic. Only solution to this problem is a public transport system like the train. 

We hope these pros and cons of living in Nashville will help you to make the decision to move to Nashville.


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