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Powerful Tips for Promoting Your Next Live Event

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Events are a fantastic way to promote your brand, present your new product or make new connections. However, no matter how well you organize an event, if you fail to promote it properly, all your hard work will be for nothing. Considering that organizing an event is everything but cheap, getting the most out of it is the only viable option from a business perspective.

Event promotion does not have to break the bank; all you need are the right approaches and you will be able to garner publicity, whether we’re talking about an in-person gathering or an online event. Here are a few powerful tips to make sure your next live event will be a success.

Mail it out

Every business should be constantly working on its mailing list, so if you pride yourself in a sizeable one, it’s time to put it to use. Letting those people know about your event first who are already interested in your business is a good strategy to boost signups right at the beginning. Besides using your mailing list, there is no reason why you shouldn’t include registration links in your other outgoing emails, too. If you want to make it subtler, put them in your signature. Don’t be pushy but make sure you send a reminder as the event draws near in case someone missed your initial announcement.

Use content marketing

You already know what an important tool content marketing is. However, did you know that you can also utilize it for your event promotion? Don’t let your event stand alone but be sure to create content that is relevant to its topic. Don’t just do it once and call it a day. Even your most dedicated followers can get busy and miss some of your updates. In the months and weeks leading up to your event, publish relevant content regularly. This will give you an opportunity to bring attention to your event and place it in front of an audience that already seeks out your content.

Dedicate a page to your event

If you are serious about your event, it’s not enough to just create a Facebook event and rely on that. Creating a dedicated page for your event not only looks much more professional, but it has a number of other benefits, too. First of all, this page will serve as the main information source regarding your event. The extra traffic coming from interested parties is certainly a plus, but the fact that all the information is in one place makes this page ideal for sharing, too. However, another reason why it’s beneficial is that a dedicated event page will allow for much better event SEO. Managing to get your live event on the Google event carousel can give you great exposure.

Remove boundaries

If you’re holding an in-person event, you may be worried about poor attendance due to geographical constraints. However, why would you lock out interested parties just because they cannot be physically present? Your event can get much more publicity if you remove boundaries from the equation and broadcast it to the world through live event streaming. Online events are more popular than ever and advertising this aspect of your event will considerably expand your attendee pool.

Utilize social media

Earlier, we mentioned Facebook. And while you shouldn’t solely rely on that, social media marketing undoubtedly provides you with fantastic opportunities for promoting your event. Start by swapping all your headers with a banner of your event so everyone visiting your profiles will immediately be notified. Create an event page on Facebook, but don’t leave it at this. Promote your event on LinkedIn where other industry professionals are, and post about it on Twitter and Instagram. Create a unique hashtag for your event and give real-time updates about any developments. Consider investing in social media ads to reach even beyond your followers.

Work with influencers

Finally, depending on your niche, reaching out to a few people who have a notable presence in certain communities can give you massive exposure. Naturally, for this, finding the right influencers is key. Contact those with whom you have worked before, or get down to research if there isn’t any. Consider inviting a few of them for free in exchange for promoting your event to their followers.

Event promotion is much more than just placing an ad and waiting for signups. Today, marketers need to work extra hard to give their event the exposure it needs for the desired ROI. The aforementioned methods won’t cost you much so be sure to utilize them.

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