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Norstrat: Everything You Need To Know About It & Its Services

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Norstrat Consulting Inc

Norstrat Consulting Inc. was incorporated to aid clients with responsibility and business goals to employ components of Northern Strategy.

Norstrat Consulting Inc. is owned and managed by Lee Carson. He is renowned as a member of Canada’s aerospace and defence community.

We believe that the Northern Strategy represents Canada’s thrilling, most important, and challenging program in the 21st century.

Norstrat aims to help people, those who have certain responsibility or a business goal to build required Northern infrastructure, to imply elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy. At Norstrat, we do that by sharing the wealth of our expertise on the topic and dedicating our efforts to our precious client’s success.

More about Norstrat Consulting Inc.

Norstrat is a popular consulting company that has gained immense popularity these days. This firm was created with an absolute aim to assist clients with all the focus incorporate various distinct features and components from the Northern strategy of Canada in order to lift and develop conversion sales. Norstrat Consulting Inc. is overlooked by Lee Carson, who added more value to the firm with his lifelong passion. His passion is seen in this consulting firm with the approaches he has for it.

NORSTRAT mostly believes in challenges as well as innovation. There are several parts that allow our clients to play in Canada’s challenging and crucial program. Some aspects of it are known and preferred over the time mentioned below.

  •   Key focus on crown procurement tracking
  •   Expertise in Arctic and Maritime Domain awareness
  •   Passion for the Arctic

Norstrat’s sole Motive:

What actually, Norstrat does? Many a time, this is asked. So just to answer it in easy and simple words, the Motive and purpose of starting NORSTRAT are to assist clients in building the required northern structure. The structure works especially for clients who have an asset or business goal for building more and more conversions.

Norstrat's sole Motive

This firm allows clients to develop components of Canada’s Northern strategy effortlessly implemented within the existing infrastructure. All these works are done by the firm by continuously improvising and constantly sharing these efforts according to the client’s need.

On what does the Norstrat have its focus:

Norstrat Consulting Inc. has its foremost focus on the major projects related to infrastructure typically fully funded by the government. Though it sometimes includes federal initiatives as well. But the major focus still lies on the same projects. These projects include Satellites, transportation telecommunications, defence, and social structure systems. Additionally, the investing schemes here also allow housing and other similar initiatives and much more.

What process does Norstrat follow with the Clients?

The process is typically followed by assisting the clients throughout the whole northern strategy by the federal government and the opportunities. The complete process includes assisting the clients with recognizing as well as getting into the major related investors and tasks.

There are several modes through which this can be achieved. One way is sharing domain information on critical issues. Another mode is that it might include new rising opportunities relevant to developing better Northern strategy infrastructure. Alongside this, the use of expert binding, succeeding, and managing the infrastructure development projects is also an aspect of the process. This all is part of the package the firm offers, and it can be even customized, especially for every client who needs it. Each of the clients is free to discuss all the changes prior to selecting a package for the total consultation.

Who founded Norstrat Consulting Inc.?

Typically, Norstrat Consulting Inc. is a branch of the Norstrat group of firms. It was founded by former soldiers of the Canadian Armed forces, some officials, and Northern Strategy business executives. Norstrat Consulting Inc. has been providing consulting services to government entities responsible for putting the Northern Strategy into action. Norstrat Consulting’s prime customers are the Canadian Armed Forces which is now commissioning numerous private sectors, military manufacturing, research, and development businesses with weapons, equipment, and logistical support to aid them.

Special provisions for Norstrat’s partner:

Norstrat ensures some really special provisions for its partner. The firm makes sure that its operations adhere to its guidelines. The Norstrat Group of Firms is heartily dedicated to providing additional services to the partners along with consulting services.

Special provisions for Norstrat's partner

The following are some stand out programs that Norstrat offers to its partners:

  •   Provide exclusive and additional savings on Norstrat Consulting Inc.’s business, financial, and physical security solutions that are not available in the retail market.
  •   Organize Annual Security Meetings (ASM), in which members cooperate, network, and discuss best practices of security with security experts from a range of different disciplines.
  •   Norstrat Consulting Inc.’s security specialist will work with their partners to resolve any security issues that could happen. They have a dedicated relationship with security specialists.
  •   Partners can receive benefits of customized training from skilled business, financial, and physical security professionals. These security professionals have been hand-picked because of their experience with Edmonton Police Services, RCMP National Security Programs, and Canadian Special Forces Units.

The mission of Norstrat:

Norstrat was created by Lee Carson in 1988. He made a mission and vision to always keep the client into the next picture. It is keeping a super broad and multi-disciplinary approach, the firm partner with various experts who can help the clients to meet their needs in any situation. It is a firm that specializes in campaign strategies and business development.

Services provided by Norstrat:

Norstrat Consulting Inc. offers a wide range of services like expert advice, customer support as per the client’s requirements, and many more. Some of such fantastic services are given below:

  •   Provides strategic advice for Northern Strategy campaign plan
  •   Make available subject matter expertise
  •   Provide answers to the key question related to how to build upon the Northern Strategy
  •   Specifies Project Definition support
  •   Deliver Memoranda to Cabinet
  •   Stipulates Operational requirements definition
  •   Offers Procurement strategy definition
  •   Provide support for capture and bid management
  •   Make available Strategic Business Development process training
  •   Keeps Project Management support
  •   Provide Strategic Project Planning
  •   Arrange for Risk Management
  •   Specifies Change Management, and many more to count.

Clients associated with Norstrat:

Clients associated with Norstrat

Norstrat Consulting Inc. provides its services to many industries and governments with taking responsibilities and with a goal to build on the component of Northern Strategy.

These firms have several industrial and government clients that are listed below:

Government clients

  •   Aerospace Review
  •   Canadian Coast Guard
  •   Canadian Space Agency (via Deloitte)

Industrial Clients

  •   Aeronautics
  •   Aerospace & Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland & Labrador
  •   Airbus Defence and Space
  •   Aker Solutions
  •   Alpha Sights
  •   Astrium SAS
  •   Babcock (via H+K)
  •   Italian (via H+K)
  •   Canadian Light Source (via H+K)
  •   Cassidian
  •   Deloitte
  •   General Dynamics Canada
  •   Hill Knowlton Canada
  •   Kraken Sonar Systems
  •   L-3 Mar iPro
  •   L-3 MAS (via H+K)
  •   L-3 Ocean Systems
  •   MacDonald Detwiler
  •   Northrop Grumman (via H+K)
  •   Northwestern (via H+K)
  •   Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador
  •   Raytheon Canada Support Services
  •   Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K)
  •   SK Films (via H+K)
  •   Ultra-Electronics Marine System

Norstrat Consulting Inc.’s experience in different fields:

This multidisciplinary firm has gained a lot of experience in various fields where it provides services.

Subject Matter Expertise

  •   Became a member of Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014
  •   Was the author of papers in Canada’s North, Northern Strategy
  •   Generated many conference papers and presentations
  •   Knowledge in widespread Northern travel and contacts

Northern System Development Experience

  •   Working on BAPS Iceberg Tracking System
  •   Come across IDIAS Sea Ice Mapping System
  •   MCOIN III Recognized Maritime Picture
  •   Radar sat II Arctic Surveillance
  •   AIS-Space Arctic Marine Surveillance and Tracking
  •   Radar sat Constellation Mission

Business Development Experience

  •   Made over $200M in Federal Government wins
  •   Designing Campaign Strategies
  •   Making Bid and Proposal Management

Project Definition Experience

  •   The Arctic Sub-Surface Surveillance System (ARCSSS)
  •   Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV)
  •   Joint Support Ship (JSS)
  •   Halifax Class Modernization / FELEX
  •   Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship
  •   Polar Sat Mission
  •   AIS-Constellation Mission

Major Capital Project Experience

  •   Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
  •   Radar sat II
  •   Radar sat Constellation Mission
  •   Major Capital Project

Norstrat Consulting Inc. and networking partners:

The Norstrat has a very innate and distinct strategy and various techniques to approach disciplinary tasks. All the projects they get are unique in their own way and have to be matched with the requirements of individual clients. Therefore, Norstrat has a diverse network that includes consulting team, professional associates, and many more people who manage these projects. These experts put their best to provide excellent assistance to the clients.

Objectives of NorstratConsulting Inc.

Norstrat has the following objectives.

  •   Corporate Image
  •   Promotional Support
  •   They are allowing access to the security teams at Norstrat Consulting Inc.
  •   Assisting the Strategic Partners with Public Relations Exposure
  •   To aid student Interns from Canada’s best military and law enforcement institutions.
  •   Employees here are allowed to wear official Norstrat shirts and polos.
  •   To provide a distinct identity in the Northern Strategy Community that clients can use to promote their company or group.
  •   Presence of all Norstrat marketing products, such as business cards, brochures, and letterhead, among other things.

Facts about NORSTRAT:

  • Norstrat Consulting Inc. uses technologies such as jQuery Migrate, Google Font API and GoDaddy DNS, WordPress, and much more similar to them.
  • This firm innovated a solution for oil companies that make it possible for these oil companies to locate the maximum of potential oil and gas deposits under the ocean floors.
  • The headquarters of Norstrat are situated in Canada. The revenue generated by the firm is less than $5 million. The firm has only twenty-five employees.
  • Norstrat’s innovative underwater search and marine analysis system work on satellite images to navigate about the areas that are below the surface of the water. Therefore, it is capable of providing more information to divers. It aids divers in such a way that they do not have to go out in bad visibility conditions or when there is an emergency. In case of a diver is found missing and the other dive companions have gone down with their flashlight left behind, this invention of underwater search would help them to find the missing diver swiftly.
  • This firm always had a knack for knowing what to do. They know when it came time to get the best out of people internally as well as externally.
  • They have worked with many large companies and organizations to make their work and things get completed on time. After facing all the obstacles, the firm became the expertise of some fields and made a name among the best think tanks out there!
  • This firm is putting endeavor in the process of commissioning several private-sector military equipment productions. Also, they are confident enough about it with a clear vision that the commissioning will be an excellent investment for them.
  • The firm has a strong belief in consulting and counts it as the backbone of public health.
  • Lee Carson, founder of Norstrat is a trusted member of Canada’s defense community and aerospace development. He has been in this field for decades and has seen some major milestones in aerospace development.
  • Norstrat is a leader in the consulting industry and will always be there to meet the requirements of its clients and open for all.
  • Norstrat is a firm that has been specialized in Canadian federal government-funded foremost projects of infrastructure outlines and actions.

How much does Norstrat Consulting Inc. cost?

Norstrat offers the services in different packages. You can access these packages only after you fill out the contact form on their official website. As soon as you fill fill-up the form for Norstrat, a representative will get back to you with the resources and solutions they have available for you and how best it would serve your business goals!

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Our team at the Norstrat will work collaboratively with you to create a customized package that can perfectly fulfil the maximum of your requirements. We know that it is really difficult to try finding the best deals for business, and we want each of the clients who come to us to feel like they are getting an offer no one could ever get. The experts here feel great working on customizing various packages as there are so many variables involved. Not only what products or services the clients want but also which industry they operate in as well as other considerations such size of business, and more. Once all this information gets logged into, then comes designing these awesome solutions.

Some extras with Norstrat Consulting Inc.

  • Associates of the Norstrat hold work out a route which includes:

o Administration suggestion

o Business training plan

o Experienced development course

  • Admin training plan at Norstrat suggests several extra instructions, methods as well as training courses that can provide particular subjective development assistance.
  • A focused nine-month program that provides actual co-operation, as well as a management technique, is really important. In this program, participants discover about concerning the proper consulting industry. This program authorizes all the participants to create an educated common sense. Including whether they wish to pursue this particular professional route or not, the actual business-leading applications focus on aiding them in order to generate brand new capabilities.
  •   To become profitable in your setup placement at Norstrat.
  •  To find if they have actually reliable development courses, this particular authorizes waiting around up to date with the actually departed adjustments.
  • It allows you to come up with your own disappeared aptitudes via conventional pedagogy as well as empirical routines along with allotted experts.
  • This makes way for you to definitely monitor your own second as well as work out.

Stages that Norstrat Consulting Inc. crossed staring North Techniques:

  • In 1885, the world pictured right here completed away odds and scanned management settings tasks that employed the real passionate nation associated with North America through eastern in order to western.
  • Through a perspective of client brand new achieved as much as put together the nation through southern in order to northern
  • At this particular point, the actual signal associated with motion would not be the train. However, a good combination of structure and applications is substantial for those brand new enhancements as well as agreement from the northern.
  • This journey associated with technique consulting would be able to negotiate the clients through the possible image.
  • The northern technique is actually extremely several as well as multidisciplinary.
  •  Each shift is actually exceptional as well as re-formed for the client’s necessity websites.
  •  Norstrat consulting clusters along with an additional protagonist, mindful advisor as well as generating federations in order to convene your own exceptional urgencies.


The Norstrat organization was perceived by a little gathering of Northern Strategy organization officers, civil servants, and retired Canadian Armed Forces. They required a fundamental stage towards supporting their clients by utilizing their strategies in order to create an option for a more prominent capacity. Since they create it from imposing individuals into grounded organizations. That is about all about NORSTRAT Consulting Inc.


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