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6 Beneficial Things For Local Businesses To Invest In

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One of the best things you can do as a local business is to invest in your community. Of course, you get the benefit of getting tax write-offs, but the real benefit you get is that it improves your business while bringing in more customers.

Think of the benefits as a triangle – each side affects the other two to create an awesome, multi-dimensional structure.

Let’s discuss six beneficial things you can invest in as a local business:

#1 Local Education

“By investing in local schools, you show the community that you value them,” says Benjy Grinberg. Not only does this mean profits for your business, but it also makes you get more customers since they know that your company is investing in their children’s future.

Learn about local education needs by joining school boards, booster clubs, and volunteering to help out at after-school events. You’ll get the chance to see the inside of a school and learn about its weaknesses.

To really be helpful, you can donate school supplies, help out with fundraisers, and hold a fundraiser for a project in the local schools that needs funding. You don’t have to break the bank – just find a way that you can be part of their community.

#2 Other Local Businesses

Obviously, you don’t want to invest in your competitor’s business, but you could invest in other local businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, etc.

Businesses can often lend a helping hand to one another – such as donating new supplies or even helping them host a fundraising event.

You’ll build a stronger community, and the local business will be more willing to help you in return.

#3 Local Churches

Churches are a staple in almost every community, so it’s important that they succeed.

By partnering with local churches in ways such as sponsoring one of their events, donating food or supplies, and even volunteering to hold a fundraiser for them, you’ll build a stronger relationship with the community and help local people achieve one of their major goals: praying.

#4 Animal Shelters

It’s important that shelters succeed as well – they take care of stray pets and neglected animals. By donating food or supplies such as blankets and toys to the shelter, you’ll help out those animals as well as the people who run the shelter. In return, they may be able to sponsor a fundraiser or event for your business.

In addition, many pet owners go online to find new homes for their pets – so if someone looks at your company’s website and sees that you support the community, they’ll feel more inclined to take their pets there.

#5 Creating More Jobs Within The Business

It’s important that your employees are happy – if you’re providing a good working environment for them, they will make a better effort at getting customers and increasing sales.

Don’t be afraid to give fair hours and wages to your employees. It will boost morale and give them a better opportunity to bring in more sales for the business.

#6 Local Events

If you have an event going on in your area, invite the community members to come! You’ll get a chance to interact with them in a fun environment, they can become customers of yours, and it’s a good way to get people to know your business – especially if you’re hosting it at your place of business.


You never know what could happen when you invest in the community – but one thing is for sure: it’s definitely worth it.



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