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New to Skiing: 5 Things to Know

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Does it feel like everyone around you can ski except you? Don’t worry, less than 14 million people in the US know how to ski, which is only 4.4% of the population.

Skiing is also an expensive hobby. Not only do you need to buy lots of gear, but you also need to pay for slope passes. You also need cash to splash to travel to the mountains, stay at a resort, and enjoy après-ski (after-ski drinks).

It’s all worth it, but don’t feel bad if you’re new to skiing! Everyone has to start somewhere and soon you’ll be racing down those mountains like a pro.

These essential ski tips will help feel less daunted when learning to ski.

1. You Will Suck (At First!)

Whether you are new to skiing or any activity, chances are you won’t be good and that’s 100% acceptable! They don’t call it “beginner’s luck” for nothing.

Before you hit the slopes with your friends or by yourself, invest in some skiing lessons. You must learn how to ski from a professional so you can learn safety tips as well as the basics.

2. Beware of Sunburn

Yes, it sounds crazy, but the sun’s UV rays can still damage your skin on the slopes. People rarely ski on a foggy day because it’s dangerous, so the sun is almost always shining when you ski.

Plus, you’re in the mountains, so you are a lot closer to the sun.

Opt for sunblock with at least 30 SPF and apply it to your face. Consider using lip balm with SPF, too. And you’ll need sunglasses because the bright white snow will hurt your eyes.

3. Skiing Can Be Dangerous

Most people go skiing and don’t hurt themselves, but it’s important to remember it can be a dangerous high-speed sport.

Always wear a helmet when you ski and stick to slopes that are within your experience level. Stop by a local ski repairs and maintenance shop for a tune-up every season so your equipment stays in good condition.

4. Don’t Skimp on Gear

Speaking of gear, you’ll need lots of it if you don’t want to freeze!

Invest in good wool base layers, a waterproof ski jacket and pants, and long wool socks. Gloves, a buff, and a beanie hat to wear at lunchtime are essential, too.

5. Eat Before You Après-Ski

After you’ve finished flying down the slopes, you’ll hit the bars with everyone else. But don’t forget that you’ve spent the day being very active without water and food.

Look after your body and don’t drink alcohol without getting proper nutrition and hydration first.

Don’t Let Being New to Skiing Hold You Back

Learning a new hobby in a public place can be scary at any age. You might get frustrated when you make simple mistakes and if you’re new to skiing, those mistakes can have big consequences.

But now you know the essential tips you need to learn before starting skiing lessons, you won’t stay a beginner for long.

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