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What Are the Causes of a Double Chin?

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Concerns about one’s body image can feel isolating, but many adults and teens deal with them. About a third of people reported feelings of depression regarding their bodies in a 2019 survey.

One common feature people get frustrated with is the double chin. Despite its association with obesity, not all people who develop double chins weigh in as overweight or obese. Many double chin causes exist.

In this article, we’ll go over the causes of a double chin and what you can do about them.

Weight and Double Chins

Weight gain often causes double chins. Everyone wears gained weight a little differently, and some have a tendency to accumulate it in the face and neck, leading to a double chin.

A double chin from weight gain can be distressing. Unlike other forms of gained weight, a double chin can prove hard to hide.


If you’re wondering, “Why do I have a double chin when I’m slim?” and fretting about a health problem, try not to worry. Many causes of double chins have no associated health problems at all.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to a double chin. While you don’t have a “double chin gene,” you can have a genetic lean toward developing factors that make it easier to get a double chin.

Skin Elasticity

Some double chins occur when the skin around the chin and neck loses its elasticity. This can happen as a result of aging, weight gain, or weight loss. Loss of muscle definition further encourages this effect.

As a result, many people develop some degree of double chin as they age. This can make getting rid of a double chin difficult as it will recur over time. Some people turn to double chin removal surgery for longer-term solutions.

Posture Problems

Muscle issues can lead to double chins even without aging involved if you have poor posture. If you spend a lot of time slouching or craning your neck, you can develop a double chin from the effects on your muscles.

Facial Structure

A weak chin or jawline will often lead to a double chin. The face still wears a comparable amount of skin, but the lack of bone structure to wrap it around leaves some amount of sagging skin. This creates an appearance like that of a double chin, even without any excess weight.

This can also make a double chin gained from another factor more pronounced. Changes in your skin or weight will have a bigger effect with a weaker chin.

Seeking Double Chin Treatment?

No one solution will solve every double chin. For those gained from weight gain, diet and exercise can go a long way. If your double chin comes from sagging skin, improving your skincare routine can help you out.

More stubborn double chins often need surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Common alternatives to surgery include dermal fillers and Botox.

Understand the Causes of a Double Chin

Some people decide they’re comfortable with a double chin. Others find the causes of a double chin just as distressing as the chin itself. In the end, only you can decide the best approach to your skin and face.

Has this led you to conclude exercise and diet adjustments will help? Check out our lifestyle section for more topics like these.


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