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Need Representation in an Auto Accident?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Being involved in a car accident can be a frightening experience. This can be especially traumatic if there are injuries. In this situation, getting proper medical care is the most important step to take immediately after an accident. The next step, however, is filing a claim to get compensation for all damages and injuries.

Is an Attorney Necessary?

It is not a requirement to get an attorney after a car accident. Individuals are free to file a claim and pursue action to get proper compensation. However, for anything more than a fender-bender, representation is strongly recommended. Fortunately, attorneys can be easily found at

With more than 3 million people injured every year in car accidents, it is important to drive properly and safely. Unfortunately, many people do not. This leads to serious accidents that cause costly or even deadly injuries. Getting fair compensation is important. Unfortunately, it can be difficult without an attorney.

Determine the Value of the Claim

An attorney can be very beneficial for any auto accident injury case. By simply having the case evaluated, an attorney can help individuals determine the value of their claim. These evaluations are often free and provide other important information about the case.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

After a car accident, a claim must be filed with the insurance company to being the process. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not in it to help their clients. They are there to make money and will do what they can to keep their payouts as low as possible.

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This makes it vitally important for individuals to be very careful when speaking with an insurance company. Saying the wrong thing or even adding unnecessary information could complicate the process and potentially reduce the amount of the claim. An attorney handles all contact with the insurance company to ensure only the necessary information is provided.

Investigate the Accident

An attorney can assist with investigating the accident. The attorney can utilize their experience and expertise to research any information about the accident itself. They can also find cameras or potential witnesses in the area to help prove the case.

Gather Evidence and Experts

An attorney is also skilled at gathering all the right evidence for the case. Not only can they collect the police report and other information about the accident, but they can also help collect the needed medical information. In addition, the attorney can find experts in various fields to help prove every aspect of the case.

File a Lawsuit

If a fair settlement agreement cannot be reached with the insurance company, an attorney is able to file a lawsuit for their client. This part can become very complicated and difficult for individuals who have little understanding of the law and legal proceedings. An attorney, however, understands this process and can litigate the case while ensuring their client’s rights are protected throughout the process.

Collect the Compensation

Once a settlement or judgment has been reached, the next step is collecting the money owed. Depending on the person or entity paying the claim, it can sometimes be a complicated process. An attorney can collect the money and direct it straight to their client.

Another important benefit an attorney can provide for their clients who have been injured in an accident is recovery time. While the attorney is working on the case, individuals can focus on healing and recovering from their injuries.


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