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Minea: A winning product-finding tool

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Dropshipping can be hard, especially if the tools and strategies you need to find the perfect product are lacking. There are, however, many resources available that will help you find the right product.

It’s not always easy choosing the right option. This article will show you Minea, which is one of the most effective product research tools. Let’s discuss Minea’s features and how you can quickly find a winning product by using it.

What is Minea?

Minea scans social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. to help you locate trendy products. This tool analyzes all social network ads and uses intelligent algorithms.

Most product-finding platforms only gather information via Facebook. Minea analyzes Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and more.

Minea allows you to review and filter ads to help you identify high-potential products for your online shop. Minea’s filters will allow you to search only for products that satisfy certain criteria.

Why Should You Try Minea?

The following are reasons you should choose Minea rather than other Ad spy instruments.

·      Time-saving & easy to use

With the Minea product search tool, you will no longer have to use ordinary search methods, which are not efficient and still very time-consuming.

Minea gives you the ability to search all social media ads from Minea’s library. This makes it much easier to locate popular products.

Minea is a tool that provides useful information about ads. However, it also provides pertinent information to assist you in analyzing competitors.

Influence Marketing Feature

Minea lets you search for influencers in influence marketing. You’ll also be able to see which influencers you should avoid.

You will find out about the influencers’ conversion rate, niche and country as well their audience. You will get useful information about each influencer’s most recent product placements.

Influence Marketing is a great way of quickly promoting your product. A million subscribers are not enough to make an influencer a household name.

There is no correlation among the number of subscribers and sales. The key factor here is the influencer’s conversion rate. However, Influencers don’t often disclose their conversion rates.

Minea provides all information relevant to influencers. Minea’s tool for finding influencers can help to clarify your doubts or guide you in choosing the right one.

Before you set up your influencer campaign plan, make sure to check out the brands who are making an impact using influencer marketing. This allows for you to look at the market long term.

Through the brand spy function, you’ll be able to find out which brands are using different strategies. Minea is an extremely comprehensive product-finding feature that combines all these features.

·      Find out about Brands

Minea can also help you track the biggest brands in your industry. You will be able to see all their new strategies and information for growing your business.

Minea allows you to search multiple products via a very intuitive interface. Minea automatically selects ten products that you can see in the main interface. This list is regularly updated.

Minea’s algorithms use several factors to determine the ten most popular products. If you do not want to select from the above list, it’s possible to directly access the advertising catalog and conduct your search.

Click on the name to open the social network’s ads database. As a default, there will be a large selection of advertising including product sales ads.

A filter lets you sort results according to what you prefer. Filtering for publication date, many interactions, platform kind, country or country allows you to quickly find the best-performing items.

·      Advance Filtering

Minea’s filters allow you to optimize product search. These are the primary filters.

·        Keywords: You can search, find, and identify ads by using keywords.

·        View date Ads: You can view the most recent ads on your competitor’s social networks by filtering by date. You will have better chances of selling the product if your ad is current.

·        Country: Select big countries from the filter. These countries often create new product trends. You can spy on the ads of major countries to discover new products.

·        E-commerce platform: Shopify is the most well-known platform for dropshipping shops. Optimizing your results allows you to only show products from dropshipping sites.

·        Interactions. An advertisement interacts when someone shares, comments or likes it. If you want to make a great product, prioritize those advertisements that got the most interaction.

·        Type of media: Some users prefer ads with video content. A video can highlight the advantages of using a product.


Minea has become the most powerful tool for product research in today’s digital world. You’ll get all the information you need in order to identify winning products.

The app’s filters help you optimize your search results. While the store analytics feature allows you to find out about your competitors, it can also let you know what they are doing.

Minea is able to help you with influence marketing. Minea is an excellent product-finding tool. Don’t hesitate to try this winning product-finding program.


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