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Ideas for Printing Promotional Brochures for Your Next Project

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Compared to brochures, there are few print marketing materials that are more informative and versatile. At its most, a brochure is simply a single-page, folded printout that includes images and text about a brand’s services and/or products. 

You have to understand the purpose of a brochure to understand how you can get creative with brochures beyond their general definition. A brochure is used for anything you can think of. Brochures are used in advertising and marketing. But they’re also used in doctor’s offices, retail shops and restaurants. 

You will notice that politicians distribute brochures as well, like salespeople, PR firms, schools, banks, etc. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the ideas for printing promotional brochures for your next project. 

Use a brochure as an invitation:

Next time use it as an opportunity to send out an invitation to a lead- or client-focused event to share more than just the date, venue and time of your get. 

Significantly. You will give yourself more room to go into information about what you do and who you are by turning your invitation into a brochure which can be beneficial if your event is marketing-driven. Search for booklet printing in Melbourne on the web.

Think beyond standard folding options:

There’s no one way to fold a piece of paper. By opting for something non-traditional and getting creative with your folds, you can help your brochure stand out rather than just a standard panel arrangement. 

Doing this sends a subtle message about your brand that it’s into out-of-the-box ideas and forward-thinking. When the brochure is opened and together when it’s closed, the unique fold is accentuated by images that work both as standalone. Look for booklet printing in Melbourne on the web.

The size is small with a snake fold:

In small packages comes a big thing. An original method of brochure folding is snake folds that baulk standard patterns to create something unexpected and lend themselves properly to small brochures that can pack a big punch. You can get many panels out of one standard size sheet of paper. Also, you must search for booklet printing in Melbourne on the web.

Play around with the shape:

With the overall shape of your brochure, you can have some fun because there’s no rule that a piece of paper has to be a rectangle, while a brochure is essentially just a piece of paper. The shape is up to you that you choose for your brochure. 

You can go with a fold to create panels and start each point inwards. You can do whatever makes sense for your brand. You can go with a hexagon or a circle, or a pirate ship. The shape does not necessarily have to be in symmetrical parts, but it must be foldable.


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with everything you need to know about the ideas for printing promotional brochures for your next project that we mentioned above after thorough research for you. 

If a company or an individual has something to tell you about, there are chances that they will do it by using a brochure. Adaptability is one of the reasons that brochures are such a ubiquitous print marketing tool. 



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