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How to use a promo code

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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You need to apply to Google Workspace, Cloud Identity Premium, and other paid services that can be managed in the Google Admin Console.

Some of our partners offer their customers promotional codes to get a discount when they subscribe to the Google service. Indicate it when choosing a tariff plan.

Note. If you use Google Workspace, you can get a promo code when you upgrade to another version. You can be prompted to enter a promo code during the transition process.

How to use a promo code

  1. When setting up a Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Premium billing account, select a billing plan and click Promo Code.
  2. Please enter the code and read the terms of its use.

Some promotional codes imply restrictions on the minimum monthly payment amount or the number of licenses and accounts purchased. In case the order does not meet the conditions, an alert will appear.

Important! To receive a discount, a promotional code must be entered at this stage. This cannot be done later.

  1. Click Continue to check your order.

Please note that you will not see the discount amount. Nevertheless, the order contains information about the promotional code and the conditions for its use. In addition, the order states that the discount will be taken into account in calculating the final payment amount, along with applicable taxes in this case check on

  1. Follow the steps required to complete the payment setup.

How to view discount information on the transactions page

After paying for your order, go to the transactions section of your billing account. You ensure that the discount has been accounted for.

  1. Signin to the Google Admin Console.

Use your super administrator account to log in. You are currently using your account.

  1. On the admin console home page, click Billing accounts.
  2. Next to your subscription, click View transaction details.

Please note the following:

  • If the license has not been used for the entire month, the fee, taking into account the discount, will be recalculated by the number of days.
  • Discounts can be applied for transactions throughout the month. You may find it easier to understand the accrual of credits received if you look at the transactions for the entire month.

The detailed terms of use of the promo code can be found in the letter or on the page where you received this code.

Rules for using promo codes

  1. If you received a personal promotional codefor participating in a competition/promotion, make sure that the product you have selected is suitablefor using the promotional code according to the conditions of the promotion.
  2. You can apply several promotional codesin one order if the product is presented in several promotions. To do this, click + another promo codeunder the entered promo code.
  3. A discount by a promotional code cannot be combined with other promotional offers or promotional codes received for activity on the site when purchasing one product. But you can use a personal promo code when purchasing multiple items on the online stores.


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