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Pros and cons of Botox injections

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In the past few years, Botox has become a household name and a hot topic amongst those who are looking to eliminate the signs of aging. But people tend to be skeptical about using it because they don’t know all the facts or bother to do their research before becoming one of the many Botox users across America. You can use various ways to find information on buying medications online but what you should care more for is whether you’re getting your money’s worth from potential pharmacies out there as this is where you’ll end up if things go wrong with the meds from random sources.

Why Botox?

There are two main reasons that make Botox an incredible anti-aging medication: temporarily removing wrinkles and stopping them from forming in the first place. The former claim is due to the simple fact that Botox paralyzes facial muscles, this way preventing contraction and formation of wrinkles. This is what’s responsible for the success of Botox injections in treating glabella (the area between your eyebrows), frowning, and forehead lines. Usually, it takes ten days until you can see noticeable results from your treatment but these changes will then become permanent within three months.

Botox Mechanism

As far as stopping wrinkles goes, there are different theories on how botox injections achieves remarkable results here too. Some claim that it blocks neurotransmitters which cause the production of oil in our glands while others say it works by preventing nerve impulses or relaxing contracted muscles so they don’t form new creases anymore. However true one theory might be, at least Botox stimulates collagen production, making skin plumper and younger-looking.

So in this article we’re going to cover the pros and cons of using Botox injections in these two situations, letting you decide whether or not it’s worth using it for yourself based on the presented evidence. We’ll also discuss possible side effects that might make you regret your decision to use Botox in the future. That is unless you take proper preventive measures beforehand.


Available Every Where

It’s widely available because it’s used for numerous other things like migraines, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, etc. You can always go to a doctor who will prescribe it to you but there are lots of cases when people prefer getting them online. This way they save time and money, not to mention they don’t have a doctor’s appointment where they might be left feeling embarrassed.


It’s a painless procedure-you won’t feel the injections and you won’t experience any discomfort after that either. You don’t need anesthesia or anything of that sort to get your treatment going which makes it very convenient for busy people who can go online and order Botox as soon as possible without wasting too much time on preparations beforehand. In fact, some doctors recommend getting it done on Friday so you have all weekend to relax before the big Monday at work.

Available for everyone

There are no restrictions on what age group can use Botox. Unlike other anti-aging remedies, there’s nothing stopping anyone from trying it out first before making a final decision. This is why people decide to use Botox in their twenties to treat forehead lines and crow’s feet because these are the things that bother them the most. They want to try out various remedies before they settle on using Botox continuously throughout their lives since this procedure requires upkeep anyway.


It takes time

It takes about 10 days until you notice any noticeable changes after your first treatment which can be very annoying especially if it doesn’t suit you well enough or if it works for your friend but not for you. Every person responds differently so you might need to make some test runs before finding out what exactly needs to be done with your skin in order for Botox to work at its optimal level.

May Cause Allergy

You could develop allergies-some people can’t use Botox because they’re predisposed to allergies that might take form after using it. Before using this medication for the first time you need to tell your doctor about any allergies or medical conditions you have in order for him/her to make sure you don’t develop them while getting Botox injections. Usually these reactions manifest themselves as itching, swelling and rashes which can be easily treated by antihistamines.


It’s a pricey treatment and not everyone has money to spend on beauty every month. American women especially rely on Botox when it comes to fighting signs of aging but its way more expensive when compared with similar treatments in other countries. And we’re not even talking about all the pre-treatment preparations that need to be done before every session.


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