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How to style bangles in different ways?

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Trying out new methods to wear bangles is one of the finest ways to liven up your look. One of my favorite accessories is these flexible bracelets. They are available in a range of colors and forms. If you enjoy trying out new ways to wear bangles to see what looks best with your outfit you are at the right place. With a full jewellery box, the possibilities are endless.

Combine shapes

Why must all bangles be circular? Do you recall the first time you came upon a square bangle. It rapidly became one of your favorites, didn’t it? It looks great layered between two circular ones. If you’re seeking for fresh ways to wear bangles, consider mixing and matching different shapes. Combine squares, triangles, circles, and waves in a pattern. The outcomes will astound you. If these are in gold or silver they can shed all the limelight you require in an event.

Wear a rainbow of bangles to flaunt

It’s tempting to keep things simple by wearing only one hue or a few bangles in the same shade. When you can wear the rainbow, why be conservative? If you enjoy wearing bright ensembles, then the bangles will allow you to go even further. You can make a very great look out of a solid black skirt and white shirt, as well as five or six bangles in various brilliant hues. Allow your imagination to go wild and pay attention to your wrists.

Experiment with different sizes

If you have a few very broad bangles that you usually wear alone. Small and medium-width bangles, on the other hand, are ideal for blending. To create a colorful layered effect, stack thinner bangles between bigger ones. Make sure the smaller bangle is not hidden. This is also a good opportunity to experiment with different colors to make each layer stand out. You can even pair it up with small sized bangles worn first and then size keeps growing till the end of your wrists.

Remember to experiment with texture

Don’t bother about becoming a plain Jane. Use bangles with different textures and embellishments. These will definitely make your wrists and arms pop. They also aid in bringing out various patterns in your clothing. Experiment with big studs, etched designs, beads, and precious stones. When you blend solid-colored, smooth bangles with textured ones, you’ll be shocked with how many different styles you can achieve.

Inscribed on your wrist

Wear bangles with words if you truly want to make a statement. While some bangles have lettering on them, you would like the ones where the word is the bangle itself. One that spells out DREAM in flowing cursive with a few jeweled touches can be your particular favorite. It’s ideal for parties, girls’ nights out, or simply shopping. Bangles are a great way to express your lifestyle. Why not let everyone know what matters most to you?

Love charms

We know how charm bracelets are no longer just ordinary bracelets. Charm bangles are quite adorable. To create a distinctive style, add your favorite charms to a charm bangle. To attract even more attention to your charms, layer it between a few slender bangles. This way, Charms will also be less likely to slap against your wrists. Match it with gold bangles and don’t forget to check today’s gold price to buy new.

Anklet with bling

Bangles aren’t only for wrists anymore. Your wrist can be eaten by a huge bracelet you received as a gift. You can test it around your ankle if it’s elastic. Not sure how many compliments you’d receive. The key is to choose bangles with a clasp or that kind of stretch if currently this is not the situation you are in. 

There’s no incorrect way to wear bangles and these gold bangles pattern are available online since they’re so adaptable. They still appear attractive and unusual even if you go crazy. What are your go-to bracelet designs?


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