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How to save space in the kitchen and bathroom

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Having a small or medium apartment means living within a few meters. Therefore, it is necessary to make the most of spaces, especially in functional environments such as the kitchen and bathroom.

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Sideboards, pantries, and drawers are essential for storing groceries and utensils in the kitchen. If this furniture reaches the ceiling, it will allow you to store everything you need to cook comfortably and prepare the delicacies that your family enjoys with you and you will take advantage of places that are usually wasted. Remember to use the lower sections to put the implements you use most often.

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The distribution of the furniture should be done in a perimeter way and, whenever possible, leave a free wall so that the environment looks clearer. Follow the advice of the experts and avoid using the central space of this environment.

If your kitchen had a bar to eat, complement it with benches that can be stored underneath, so you will gain a little space and you may save yourself some trips or bumps. Necessary ingredients to optimize space kitchen cabinets in Austin that combine shelves and drawers to store what you want with spaces where you can place appliances such as a coffee maker or microwave oven. Some even have boards for blending or chopping vegetables.

Hangers are an option that allows you to have spatulas, ladles, and other utensils at hand. However, using more than three can give the impression of clutter and clutter, effects that will work against your desire for a more spacious kitchen. As in other home environments, colors will be your allies to create an effect of greater space in your kitchen. Light tones prevail both for the walls and the furniture. But remember that some details of intense colors in the decoration provide a lot of warmth and a special touch.

It is also necessary to take advantage of the light from the windows using clear curtains and prevent the objects placed there from blocking the passage of sunlight. To reflect the light and increase the luminosity, you can use majolica on the walls and choose furniture with a glossy coating. As for decoration, specialists recommend sobriety: still lifes or small squares with images of fruits or vegetables. The icing on the cake could be a blackboard where you can write reminders, the week’s menu, dishwashing shifts, positive messages, or whatever you want. A distinctive and practical detail.

cozy bathrooms

Bathrooms have undergone a dramatic reduction in recent decades. Gone are the days when they had huge tubs and could hold many shelves or large sideboards. However, some resources can help you feel comfortable whenever you use this environment.

An effective trick to make your bathroom space look spacious is to use a transparent shower door or curtain. Although they could have small drawings or designs that give a nice touch to this environment of your apartment. The space above the toilet tank is necessary to place one or two shelves to store brushes, sponges, towels, and other implements.

The area under the sink can also be used to place baskets or shelves. You can even have a piece of furniture made to measure for your laundry room, this way you will explode to the last centimeter of that space.

The best materials for baskets and shelves are plastic, plastic-coated metal, and glass, while coated wood is ideal for furniture. This way they will be able to withstand the high degree of humidity. Remember that in the bathroom you should only store what is strictly necessary, as humidity can spoil clothes, medicines, and other items.

The shelf behind the mirror in the sink is a classic that remains valid for storing personal cleaning items. But if your bathroom does not have it and you find it difficult to install it, you can put a shelf on the lower edge of the mirror.

The color of the walls of a small bathroom should be light, preferably white, this will give the feeling of a larger size and help you relax. To tint, a darker tone is usually used on the floor and bright colors on the rugs and towels.

When there is a window, leave it open most of the time to gain natural light. As for artificial lighting, use a powerful spotlight in the central part of the ceiling and a small or fluorescent lamp above the mirror to facilitate that dazzling makeup or that perfect shave.

Just like in the kitchen, The decoration of the bathroom should be sober and prevent the spaces from being overloaded. A well-organized environment will make taking a shower an even more relaxing experience.


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