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How to Ready Yourself for Winter Commercial Roofing Problems

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Winter brings lots of challenges to people in all walks of life. Some struggle to stay warm while working from home while others haven’t got enough coats to not be freezing cold by the time they arrive at the office. Business owners have their own challenges whether it’s isolating outdoor taps, keeping an eye on moisture, or staff members not making it into the office due to adverse weather conditions. You also need to keep an eye on your roof – forget this and you could pay the price.

Causes of Damage to Commercial Roofs in Winter

Winter can be a real pain, even for commercial roofing. With snowfall, freezing temps, and gusty winds, your poor roof takes a beating. And don’t get us started on the temperature swings that play havoc on roofs. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta keep those shelters intact.

One of the most painful things for businesses to hear when something goes wrong with the roof is that they could have prevented the problems with better inspections and maintenance in summer. Many business owners play hide-and-seek with routine roof maintenance, only to face a winter of catastrophic surprises. Don’t let your roof become a chilling thriller.

Common Types of Winter Roofing Problems

  1. Ice Dams When the snow on a sloping roof gets a little too cozy with the heat inside, it decides to take a little slide. But watch out, it loves to freeze at the edges and eaves, creating a sneaky ice dam that refuses to let water escape. And just like that, we have a classic case of a leaky situation. Snow, you sly troublemaker.
  2. Heavy Snowfall In areas with heavy snowfall, roofs face a monumental challenge – carrying a burden they weren’t built for. It’s like expecting a goldfish to lift weights. This weighty situation can cause cracks, leaks, and might even turn your roof into a snow angel.
  3. Condensation The temperature outside falls and we use the heating to stay warm inside – the collision of these two temperatures causes condensation and moisture around the property. This results in condensation that can cause mold growth and damage insulation (this is never good news!).

How to Prepare for Winter Roofing Problems

  1. Schedule a Pre-Winter Inspection – Before winter blows in, make sure you’ve got a pro roofing detective on the case for commercial roof maintenance in Smyrna Beach. Don’t let any sneaky problems catch you off guard.
  2. Clean Gutters and Downspouts Don’t let clogged gutters rain on your parade. When water starts pooling on the roof, it’s like a leaky faucet on the fan. Time to unclog those gutters and keep the damages at bay.
  3. Remove Snow RegularlyIf you’re stuck in a snowy wonderland, it might be time to befriend a snow rake. Say goodbye to excess snow on your roof and hello to a winter wonderland without the avalanche. Don’t just give this task a half-hearted attempt because this will only lead to further problems.
  4. Insulate Your RoofProper insulation: the superhero that keeps temperature levels in check, saving buildings from condensation and potential moisture woes.
  5. Stay Vigilant – You don’t need to be a pro to spot obvious problems, so take 60 seconds longer when walking around your property in the mornings to check for damage. If you suspect something sinister, contact your roofing expert for advice.


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