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How does an eCommerce Website’s Design Impacts Sales & Conversion?

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Improving the sales and conversions of the eCommerce website has remained a highly debated topic in the digital industry. Businesses spend millions of dollars on custom eCommerce website development each year, yet the problem persists. We got a chance to discuss the matter with one of the reputed eCommerce development company, The Brihaspati Infotech.

I will sum up some key highlights from our discussion to find out whether the design of your eCommerce website impacts your sales or not. Frankly, no one can deny the value of a great design. What looks good often attracts our attention, and grabbing the user’s attention can fuel sales. For example, when you buy clothes in the local stores, what is the first thing that hits your mind? Look and feel of the apparel should be your answer.

The same principle works for molding your purchase decisions in any eCommerce store. If you find the design complicated and full of glitches, there are 99.9% chances that you will avoid buying the products from that store. You should hire a good eCommerce development company because it can help your website.

What do experts think about the relevance of website designs for conversion?

We fired many questions because of our curiosity about the correlation between a design and conversions on the website. Check out what experts have to say about the relevancy of the website design.

Decides the first impression

There is an old saying that the first impression is the last, and the rule applies to eCommerce stores also. As there are many problems like fraud, under-quality products, and unsafe platforms, users remain suspicious while browsing online stores. The first impression of the user will play a vital role in your eCommerce business unless you already have a significant brand presence. But if not, you must seek professional advice from a website design team who will help you lay out your websites from both owner and consumer perspectives. They can also help you create online experiences that generate traffic, leads, and conversions to boost online sales. Drive revenue and maximize the best customer experience.

If a user doesn’t like the design, he can bounce to the competing website, thus eliminating the chances of sales. If your eCommerce website lacks an impressive design, don’t wait for more to hire an eCommerce development company to make it better. Have a detailed look at top websites in your niche because they can help you identify helpful design elements.

Prompt the users to buy 

Have a look at some of the leading eCommerce stores in your region. You will be surprised to figure out how their design tempts the users to purchase the products. Extensive and customized use of graphics and content plays a decisive role in shaping the purchase decision.

You might have heard people complaining about not getting sales despite having enough traffic on their online stores. The under-quality design and its inability to convince the users to complete the purchase is the main reason behind it.

Creates a Strong brand value

Creating a Strong brand value has a manifold advantage for any eCommerce store. It should be your priority when deciding to invest in the eCommerce business because the stores that fail to do so often face problems to survive in the industry. Now the question arises how do designs help to create your brand value?

If the design of your store can mark the right impression and users can remember it, thus your brand value automatically increases. The fun point is that you will not need to invest in branding because your design will be assisting you with it. A strong brand value can boost your sales and loyal customers in a significant manner.

Helps to gain the upper hand in search rankings

Yes, you read it right! The design of your eCommerce store can help you gain the upper hand in the search ranking. The structure of your pages, use of heading tags, lightweight images, and fast loading speed are just a few factors that can help you rank higher on the search engines like Google and Bing.

Take the help of custom eCommerce website development services to improvise on all these design factors and get organic traffic for your stores without worrying about any expenses. Better search results mean more traffic, and traffic is directly proportional to the number of sales your eCommerce store gets.

Affect the performance of your store

A good design can help you elevate the overall performance of your store. Several brands were able to get the desired results by changing their current store designs. The user’s preferences are also increasing day by day, and your store should accommodate them for better revenues.

If your website uses an average design, the chances for conversions may reduce significantly. Lack of the features like call-to-action buttons, the right information at the right place, or low-quality product images can hamper the sales of your eCommerce store.


These points make it essential to use custom eCommerce website development using the services of a professional eCommerce development company. Always ensure that the company you wish to hire for upgrading the designs should have enough experience with problems similar to yours. You can also get a consultation from professional web design companies because they have better insights into such matters.


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