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How Does a Promo Code Differ From a Bonus Code?

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In recent years, competition in the betting industry has intensified, which forces companies to attract customers with the help of numerous bonuses. Promotion in the betting market requires huge amounts of money from bookmakers, distributing to their clients. Most bookmakers offer lucrative promo codes and bonus codes to their users from the moment of registration. They entitle you to receive bonus points. In the future, several companies periodically provide promotional codes to their regular users for high activity and other achievements.

League betting codes

BC League Betting, like many other bookmakers, offers players different types of privileges. Promotional codes are one of the promotion options from a bookmaker company. A player who has used a Betting League promo code can increase the welcome bonus, participate in an interesting promotion and receive several other privileges. Learn more about what a promo code is and how it works

Promo codes in bet

The Betty promo code is a unique combination of numbers and letters. It gives the bettor the right to receive a gift. The codes have different prices. Some have insignificant bonuses, others – solid ones. Let us analyse which Betty promo codes were relevant in 2020 and how to use them. What promo codes are given at Bet Codes give the bettor the right to receive a gift.


How promo codes are used

A set of letters and numbers is called a promo code. When such a set is entered into a certain line on the official website of the bookmaker’s office, the company credits the user with a certain amount of a free bonus. When registering, this code is entered directly into the registration form with some bookmakers, in a special section on bonus programs for others, or the personal account of others. Promo codes are practically no different from bonus codes, except for

A promotional code during registration 

It usually allows you to increase the amount of the initial deposit. Usually, the size of the additional bonus is 100%, so if the account was initially replenished with 1000 rubles, then another 1000 is added to the special bonus account. The bookmaker also offers additional promo codes to active customers. When activated, a free bet is usually provided on the site, that is, a free bet.

How to get them

Promotional codes are very popular among bettors because few people will refuse the free bonuses that can be played on bets. In this regard, a lot of irrelevant codes from one-day sites or scammers appear on the Internet. It is recommended to look for promo codes in the following places:

  1. On the online stores bookmaker itself, in the section about bonuses and promotions. You can subscribe to the email newsletter.
  2. In well-known sports publications with a good reputation among the readers.
  3. On large portals dedicated to betting and working directly with bookmakers on affiliate programs.
  4. Major sports bloggers.

During registration, the promo code can be used only once, so it is recommended to top up your account with a larger amount.

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