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How do we get a possum catcher out of our property?

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Brush-tailed possum removal like to live in roof cavities. As these possums are territorial, casting off one will no longer solve your trouble as new possums will rapidly pass into the vacant territory. A relocated possum will now not live to tell the tale in a new territory. So you need to rehouse them nearby, far away from your roof, preferably in a tree for your garden. It is illegal to relocate or kill a possum removal near me.

DIY possum removal

Use those commands for eliminating the possum yourself.

  • First, ensure it’s far a possum and now not a rat or mouse – sprinkling flour near the manhole and checking the footprints will decide this – possums are the scale of a cat.
  • Next, set up an alternative domestic for the possum removal. You will need a nesting field – you could either buy one from a retail outlet in New South Wales or construct your own.
  • Where feasible, get inner your roof and locate the possum’s nest. The nest, which has the scent of the possum catcher, must be positioned inside the new possum house to encourage the possum to its new home.
  • Encourage the possum to research their new home with the aid of setting portions of sparkling fruit in or near the nesting box.
  • Locate a suitable tree in your garden to website online the container, securing it at the least four meters up.
  • Find out how the possum removal near me is stepping into the roof space by watching it at dusk while it’ll go away to forage.

Repel possums by way of sprinkling 

The roof’s hollow space with quassia chips (from hardware shops), or naphthalene or camphor and putting a mild into the roof hollow space and leaving it on for three days and nights. The aggregate of the mild and the smell should power the possum from your roof and with any luck into the possum residence you’ve got supplied.

After you are positive the possum removal near me has moved into its new domestic, block its get admission into the roof by installing a one-manner door or filling the hole with bird cord or timber and trimming any overhanging branches. Nighttime is an excellent time to block off the get entry to factors because the possum can have left to forage for food.

If the possum catcher returns, there may be every other get entry to factor you need to find.

Where to get a license and a entice

Possums are covered in NSW and catching possums without a license is unlawful in NSW. Licenses to lure possums on your house are issued freed from price from your neighborhood National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) office. Traps can be available for lease from a few certified florae and fauna rehabilitation businesses or pest management companies.

Remember to dam off the get right of entry to factors into your roof and to offer a possum removal residence in case you intend to attempt trapping.

Releasing a possum

A possum has to be launched at dusk no extra than 150 meters away from the point of capture and close to something it is able to right away climb, including a tree or tall fence, in any other case it will not live on.

Bushland regions rarely have any vacant territories, so in case you had been to launch the possum in any other vicinity, it’d seek and compete with another possum removal for shelter and food in strange territory.

NPWS may additionally relocate possums to other regions, but only as an ultimate resort.

Possum removal offerings

If you are not able to carry out those steps yourself, you can rent an expert possum trap and launch a possum operator to do it for a rate. possum catcher operators are licensed by the NPWS Wildlife Team.



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