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How Do Shared Parking Benefits Drivers?

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Shared parking is a valuable concept that helps to use the parking space more efficiently, and it can be considered one of the famous Smart City initiatives. A survey reveals that Seoul’s Korean Capital faced some severe parking challenges. Due to this problem, the Seoul government had determined to begin the concept of shared parking.  

On the other hand, another survey outlines that the global vehicle population has risen from 1.32 billion cars and trucks. The shocking part is that the number is more than double the amount compared to 20 years ago. And by the year 2035, it has been forecasted that there will be approx 2 billion vehicles on the road. This immense growth of vehicles with a limited parking facility will create new challenges for everyone. This article will highlight the considerable benefits associated with a shared parking system.  

aerial view of cars parked on parking lot


Basic Understanding of Shared Parking Space Programs 


Shared parking is a unique yet helpful concept where multiple users can share particular car parking  This is a great way to use the parking facility in the best possible manner. However, experts consider it a type of parking management rapidly gaining recognition. Therefore, anyone can use the shared parking facility, including a group of employees, visitors, or even residents.  

Let’s see how shared parking can benefit drivers- 

1. Lower Traffic  

Nowadays, traffic jams are the most common issue people face in the busiest parts of any community. The most significant reason contributing to traffic jams is the lack of parking space. Most individuals are driving in circles, searching for a suitable area to park their vehicles; this leads to congestion by moving slowly, stopping abruptly, and taking extra space on the road. 

 Furthermore, this also adds the extra vehicles to the roads that wouldn’t be there if more parking spaces were accessible. However, in such scenarios, shared parking space plays a key role as by doing so, people can utilize a particular area (that already exist) in the best possible way. Parking sharing programs enable the drivers to reserve a specific parking space beforehand, which saves the effort and time of the drivers.  

2.Local Business Availability  

Places with a range of local businesses, including local restaurants and shopping stores, highly benefit from the visitors. However, on the off chance, if such local establishments cannot offer a parking area to their customers, most individuals will not prefer to visit such places because of the inability to provide a suitable parking space.  

Such situations can get settled with the help of shared parking since such a parking program facilitates the individuals to book their preferred parking space in a particular time slot beforehand. Plus, the drivers don’t have to think about looking for a place to park their vehicle safely. 


man standing beside window

3.Happier Local Economy  


Less traffic is associated with numerous benefits, including happier citizens and more greenery, which offers and promotes positive mental health for the citizens. These factors also contribute to creating more joyful and productive individuals since this feeling of contentment and productive individuals can contribute to making a great community.  

All can take advantage of the shared parking program from small towns to major cities. That is why a shared parking program is essential and tends to be an incredible way of refining any community.  

4.Additional Green Spaces  

Sharing anything always acts as an ideal decision as lesser units of that particular thing are required to be made to offer other individuals. The same goes with the parking space since if all the people begin participating in the shared parking program, then perhaps we hold lesser requirements for huge public parking spaces. 

 Most significantly, this will attract the visitors to visit more beautiful green spaces rather than seeing the cement and blacktop that we tend to see frequently. Besides this, less fuel will be wasted since drivers will go directly to their designated parking spots.  

5.Saves Time, Money, and Accidents  

Undoubtedly, the lesser unpredictability of discovering a parking space will save on your fuel expenses; as a result, you will be able to spend less on gas. On the contrary, this will also save your valuable time, which can be utilized on some priority work, hobbies, and fun.  

Shared parking spaces also lower the possibility of road accidents as drivers who already have the parking space will hardly get distracted. They will entirely concentrate on the road, which will diminish the odds of indulging in road accidents.  

vehicles parked inside parking lot


Due to the rise in vehicles on the road and existing infrastructure challenges, the need for shared parking programs has become extremely necessary. However, shared parking saves time and money for individuals and lowers the chances of indulging in accidents. Plus, it can also help expand more green spaces, positively affecting citizens’ health, which means healthy, happier citizens.  Furthermore, experts believe that shared parking lowers the traffic and provides more local business availability.  


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