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How do I choose the best nail stickers? Simple guide

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Nail decals, also known as nail decals, are an easy way to add interest to your nails. You can apply them yourself, which is often not possible with airbrush or freehand nails, unless you are very handy. To choose the best nail decals, start by considering the type of look you’re going for, as well as the number of nails you want to place the decals on.

Nail stickers are typically very small and intended to be applied to fingernails and the big toenail. The nails on the other toes are often too small to allow you to use nail stickers; a lot of people just paint them on and then just apply a sticker to the bigger toenail. Additionally, you can choose to apply stickers to all of your fingernails, or just one or two. The nail on the ring finger is a common location for a nail art sticker.

Choose simple design

There are many different designs of nail stickers available for various occasions or holidays, and they can be ordered online or purchased at drugstores. You can choose a simple design such as a heart or a flower for everyday use.

For example, for the holidays, one can choose a pumpkin or Christmas tree, or for a wedding or special event, one can select a small gemstone to place on the nails. The type of nail decals you choose is based on your personal preferences.

Paint your nails

Most of the nail stickers are able to adhere to the nails quite well. In general, it’s a good idea to paint your nails first, with at least a base coat, to allow the stickers to adhere better; it will be much more difficult for them to adhere to natural nails.

Once the polish is dry, apply the sticker; if the sticker is flat, as most are with the exception of gemstones, apply a thin coat of clear polish over the sticker. This will help keep it in place on your nail and prevent it from tearing, creasing, or peeling.

Choose the best brand

If you find that the stickers you choose are peeling or peeling off, you can select a different brand. The stickers should last as long as your manicure, or at least a few days a week. Nail stickers are a simple and easy way to get creative and add a festive look to your nails.


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