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If you have a website, you will certainly start with Google Analytics to analyze some of your data and metrics. In fact, this is the main way to find out if your site is getting traffic and to know the most visited pages.

The information offered by Google Analytics are the basis for many SEO decisions and, more generally, for establishing the correct web marketing strategies. But are you sure you know how to best use this important tool? If the general traffic of the site and its most visited pages are the only information you are usually looking for, it is possible that our article will be useful to you!

So here are five tricks to maximize the power of Google Analytics.

The importance of on-page analysis

In-page analysis gives you important information about which links your users click on individual pages of your site. This way you can find out if and which links on your site are being ignored and which ones attract the most attention. With this information in hand, you can make important decisions regarding the layout of your pages, their navigability and the inclusion of more specific and appropriate links.

Speed ​​monitoring

It’s annoying when a site loads too slowly, right? Monitoring the speed of your site is therefore very important so that you can avoid your visitors having this unpleasant experience. Google Analytics gives you the ability to see which pages on your website have the fastest loading times. Not only that: Google also offers you interesting tips on how to improve page loading speed.

Problem identification

It would be great if every single page on your site were perfectly crafted, but sadly, that’s almost impossible. An accurate analysis of the problems of the single pages will therefore allow you to establish which “table legs” are more yielding, and to intervene with consequences. To locate them, just find out which pages your users enter and exit immediately after.

Observe the flow of behavior

First rule: know from which “door” visitors enter your website and how they navigate it. Second rule: find out how they behave while they are in your “virtual home”. Observing and evaluating user behavior metrics will allow you to better identify which content can truly generate valuable leads.

Choose your analysis

Since the data proposed by Google Analytics is really an infinity, being able to move around the dashboard could be problematic. You can solve this problem simply by setting up a custom dashboard, which highlights only the metrics you are interested in keeping an eye on. Remember that you can also create more than one personalization. Another good tip is to set up alerts in GA’s Intelligence Events section.

In conclusion, always remember that data analysis – carried out in a smart and productive way – is the fundamental component to make the most of your site’s potential!

Another bonus tip is to set up alerts in GA’s Intelligence Events section. This will generate an alert when there is a unique event involving a small jump in traffic to your site.

It can be easy to get on a course when looking at analytics and that can end up preventing you from getting the most use out of the available data. Let these tips help you make the most of your site analytics.


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