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Hottest Trends In PHP Web Development – 2022

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At this point, PHP is considered the most popular technology in web development as it covers more than 71.1% of websites on the web as of Feb 2022. It’s important to be updated with the latest web development trends when managing your development team. Knowing about the latest technologies enables you to maintain the quality of your services and improve your business performance. 

As 2021 wrapped up and 2022 began, we observed several big changes in the PHP ecosystem. In this post, we are going to reveal the 6 important trends in PHP web development to look for when it comes to the year 2022 and possibly even beyond. 

  • IoT

PHP is typically used to develop web applications and web pages. It is light enough to make the programming lucid but strong enough to bring the expected outcomes. The way PHP syntax is formed makes it a good programming language for IoT devices. The communication of IoT devices can be established through PHP. 

IoT technology requires a dynamic language capable of improving programming structures, and PHP offers many frameworks that offer a great solution. Yet, there are several trials to come because though we are seeing the IoT in a lot of products, it is still new.  This is still a trend that developers and companies are working on, but that has great potential for the future.

  • Cybersecurity

Among the hottest trends in PHP web development is cybersecurity solutions. Developers are creating products that store all the site/app data safely.  This is crucial for e-commerce websites where buyers make transactions using online payment methods. 

The security of financial data stored in these online platforms is a common problem because of data breaches and hacking. This is where PHP comes in as a powerful online security system. As PHP can be used to create Android and iOS applications, there could soon be a trend of PHP-based security systems being widely used for mobile payment platforms.

  • Cloud Integration 

Most organizations over the globe are currently relying on the virtual cloud. A huge part of this is the pandemic taking over the year, making organizations lock their offices and welcome remote work. But putting COVID-19 aside, the remote work revolution over the last few years has made businesses use cloud services to store their data. 

About 80% of sites and apps are currently using PHP and cloud frameworks to maximize the advantages of both technologies. This cloud approach encourages businesses into developing PHP platforms that have better scalability and connectivity. It’s easy to hire and find PHP developers nowadays to integrate cloud framework for your projects. 

  • API Development

Surveys in previous years found an evolving trend of developers using PHP for developing API. Since we know that APIs are used to deliver dynamic content for web apps and mobile apps, handle communication for IoT devices, and are a foundation of B2B integrations, this isn’t entirely surprising. 

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Testing tools and automation are gaining popularity. Companies are increasingly using containers to deploy apps. Async apps enable real-time dashboards and data processing. As such, PHP developers need more training and education to create APIs and business-critical apps.

  • APM Tools

Developers and organizations prioritize new features over technical debt and deployment automation. Yet, with security as the second biggest priority, it’s obviously required to either run on the latest PHP version or use supported runtimes that receive security backports. 

Moreover, app performance continues to be a consideration this year, which means Application Performance Management (APM) and profiling tools are a must for these companies. We’ve noticed that solutions like the ELK stack (ElasticSearch, LogStash, and Kibana) are seeing growing usage in a wide range of application stacks. Seeing a similar trend in PHP makes sense since the same solution can be re-used in this context.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, PHP is a trusted, stable, and mature language, while still expanding its capabilities to procure a foothold in further ecosystems, such as AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Being a PHP dev comes with both the stability of 26 years of development and refinement as well as the excitement of all the betterment and innovation to come. 

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