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Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh

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The UEI Global Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh holds chain of India’s Top Hotel schools in the country and has trained over 11,000 hotel management professionals. It is dedicated to the development of management skills and practices in the field of hospitality. It aims at developing management teams which can deal with the problems associated with hospitality.

Most people have heard of the term ‘hotel management’ but very few of them are aware of the institute that produces graduates each year. The scope of the institute is enormous as it covers a wide variety of topics and hence the students can specialize in any area of interest. There are numerous institutions for management in India but few of them are as successful and renowned as the UEI Global. In fact, many of the institutes that are similar in nature are also present in the country.

The first year starts with an introduction to hospitality and ends with the analysis of managerial styles and techniques. These trainings have a good scope as they cover the basic functionalities involved in hotel operations.

A lot of attention is paid to the theory part of the course. This is followed by the study of basic and advanced hotel management principles and practices. The next part includes internships in various hotel chains. The final part of the training course involves a large number of practical training sessions that involve supervision of managers and other employees of the hotel. The trainings are designed in such a way that the students are able to apply their learning and experience in real world scenarios.

A number of institutes offer similar courses. However, the details differ from one institute to another. The first thing that one should look for in the courses offered by the UEI is whether the topics covered are related to the core functional areas. The topics covered include budgeting and financial management. It is also important to ensure that the trainings cover all the topics that are needed to manage a hotel. Some of the topics that are included in the core training are franchise systems, business strategies, effective leadership styles, and service improvement.

Most of the trainings offered by UEI Global hotel management institute are taught in a classroom environment. The virtual learning in the training labs enables the trainees to access the same information at their own convenience and pace. Some of the advantages of such trainings include learning faster and avoiding cramming during the final exams.

Apart from classroom sessions, the other formats used by the UEI Global hotel management institute include online seminars by the Industry Experts. These seminars enable the trainees to gain greater understanding of the concepts being taught. A lot of effort goes into the planning of the seminar as there are several things that need to be attended to successfully deliver the message to the attendees.

It is very important that the trainees at the UEI learn the proper ways of managing a hotel. They are provided with the right strategies and plans to implement. If they are provided with the necessary information then it will be easier for them to make sound decisions regarding the overall management of the organization.

With more than a decade presence, UEI Global is currently the most preferred choice of every aspiring hotelier.



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