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History Of Kashmir Day – Why There’s A Need To Celebrate It?

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Kashmir Day is celebrated in Pakistan as “Kashmir Solidarity Day.” Pakistan observes Kashmir Day on February 5. Therefore, the day is also known as Kashmir Solidarity Day in Pakistan. The day was first observed in 1990 by Punjab Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif, who called on political and religious leaders to honor Kashmiri Solidarity Day on February 5. Since then, Kashmiris have been protesting Indian violence in the region. It was also a call for the world to recognize the Kashmiri people’s genuine right to self-determination.

Our blog Pakistani event will present in-depth information about Kashmir, including why people celebrate Kashmir Day and what Pakistanis must do to integrate Kashmir into the nation fully.

What was the origin of Pakistan’s Kashmir Day?

Pakistan observes Kashmir Day every year on February 5 in solidarity with the people of Indian-administered Kashmir. They’ve been in a constant war with the Indian government since 1989. Nawaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, called a conference of political and religious leaders in 1990 to observe February 5 as Kashmiri Solidarity Day. As a result, the Pakistani government declared Kashmir Solidarity Day in the same year.

India and Pakistan have a tense relationship. Pakistan observes Kashmir Day demonstrating support for Kashmiri separatists fighting for independence from India. Pakistan is a great supporter of the Kashmiris, and on Kashmir Day, marches are held in numerous cities throughout the nation. Kashmir Day is one of Pakistan’s most important holidays since it brings the whole nation together to support Kashmir’s free fighters. The day’s main purpose was to show the international community that Pakistan is serious about settling the Kashmir issue. In all of Pakistan’s major cities, the day is honored. On pakistanevent.com, you may get free Kashmir Day poetry, quotes, and banners.

Who participated at Kashmir Solidarity Day?

Kashmir Solidarity Day was a happy day for all Pakistanis. Pakistan’s ruling party, the Convention Muslim League, has declared a national holiday. Lal Bahadur Shastri, India’s Prime Minister, has declared a day of mourning. Pakistanis remembered the martyrs who perished in Indian-controlled Kashmir on this day. Demonstrations and prayer sessions were held across Pakistan to support the Kashmiri freedom movement. On the eve of the day, the Pakistani government hosted a military parade in Islamabad, the country’s capital. The ruling party (Convention Muslim League) conducted a rally in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad. Pakistan’s then-President, Field Marshal Ayub Khan, led the assembly. In Azad Kashmir and other nation regions, the day was also commemorated. The day was also observed in countries throughout the world where Kashmiris reside. Visit the Pakistan event for additional information about Kashmir Day, and other famous events.

Which of the various slogans related to Kashmir Solidarity Day are you familiar with?

On February 5, Kashmir Solidarity Day marks the first time tens of thousands of people gathered in Srinagar’s main city to demonstrate against India’s rule in Kashmir. When the whole world was watching, the Kashmiri independence fight had only just started. However, the Kashmiri independence fight lasted long after the day ended until Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi signed a declaration with the Pakistani government in Delhi on July 19, 1985, known as the “Shah-e-Azam” proclamation.

What drew Pakistan into the Kashmir war in the first place?

Kashmir is a mountainous region claimed by India and Pakistan as disputed territory. Both India and Pakistan claim the whole region. Kashmir is the northernmost geographical portion of South Asia, and it is now divided between India and Pakistan. The Republic of Kashmir also claims the territory. The region is one of the most militarized on the globe. Since India’s partition, Kashmir has been a source of political tensions between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan became the proponent of the Kashmir dispute after India’s partition. Before partition, Muslims in undivided India supported the Muslims of the princely state of Kashmir against the Hindu monarch of Kashmir because they wanted Kashmir to join Pakistan after India and Pakistan were separated. Consequently, the Muslim League promised Muslims in the princely state of Kashmir that they would be aided if they decided to join Pakistan.


Kashmir Day is more than just a day to remember Kashmir’s independence. Nonetheless, it is a day to remind Pakistan’s neighbors that the Kashmiris’ sacrifices are remembered, which is the least the nation can do for them.


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