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Ever Heard About English Billiards? If Not, Then Read About It Here

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English Billiards. Sounds interesting? Yes, the game is as interesting as its name. The game of English Billiards originated in England but now it is played everywhere in the world.

It is a cue sport which is played by two players with one object ball i.e red ball and two cue balls i.e yellow and white balls. Players use cue balls of different colors and try to win against their opponent and develop some new skills in each game.

English Billiards is an amalgamation of multiple games such as winning and losing carambola games. It is also played all around the world, especially in Commonwealth countries. 

The objective of the Game

The objective of the English Billiards is to win against their opponent by scoring more points without any fouls. It is a game played by using tactics as it needs both an active mind and quick response either attack or defense. It is not a physical game still it requires mental energy and concentration with physical energy. 

Players & Equipment

English Billiards can be played one on one or two vs two. The single version of the game is quite popular. The table used to play English Billiards is the same as the size of a snooker table and in many places. English Billiards is played on a snooker table and the balls of three colors are used: one is red, the second is yellow and the third is white.

Each player has their cue, which is either made of fiberglass or wood. It is used to strike the ball. Chalk is also an important piece of equipment that is used to ensure that there is appropriate contact between the cue and the ball.


In English Billiards, scoring is as follows:

  • Cannon: It is the place where a cue ball is pocketed so that it hits other balls in the same shot or turn. It gives two points to the player 
  • Pot: The red ball gives the highest points if it is struck by the player’s cue ball and ends with pocketing. It gives three points. If the player’s cue hits any other color of the ball, then it will give only two points. If the player hits the red ball first, then it will also give three points but if the cue ball hits the other ball before hitting the red ball, then it will give two points. 
  • In-off: When players first hit their cue ball, then hit another ball, and then it is pocketed. If the red ball is hit first it will give three points, otherwise, it will give only two points.

Winning the Game

If you want to win the English Billiards or want to become a pro player, then you have to use tactics as you have to reach the points, which are decided. Although there are only three balls, you need to have high-level skills or gameplay. Only then you will be ahead of other players and win the game.

Usually, 300 points are chosen in one game. In terms of thinking to attack and score points, you must have good skill of defense so that you can use it at the time of the attack. It will not make things difficult if you know how to attack and defend at the same time.

Rules of Billiards

  1. English Billiards is played with three balls that are white ball, red ball and yellow ball.
  2. Each player has their ball, one has the white ball and the other has a yellow ball.
  3. Both players try one by one to break off by hitting their cue ball, hitting the cushion and it comes back towards them.
  4. Players whose balls go nearest to the cushion get the authority to choose who will break.
  5. The red ball is placed on boards and the players have to hit the ball.
  6. Later players try to score more in the English Billiards game as it will only help in making more points and end up winning.


You must be eager to play English Billiards after understanding so many things about it. You can check out GetMega gaming platform to play English Billiards. It is designed according to both beginners as well as experts. It will also provide instructions in each step so that you can play the game on your own. If you want to earn some rewards and cash, you can choose this game as one of the earning games. But you must be active enough to analyze the situation and win the game. Getmega has a variety of games so if you want to change the game you can change it easily. But English Billiards is quite interesting and we ensure that you will not feel bored in the entire game, or even earn money.


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