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Balanced shaft load or optimized accuracy? Choose the best pool cues with us

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If you play the game of pool, then you may know how much the type of cue sticks matter in winning. Winning the pool game not only depends on guidance and skills but also on cue sticks. Like, when you play the game online, winning requires efficient skills and experience. But the cue stick also plays a vital role in taking the game in your favor.

You must have seen pro players chalking their sticks. This makes it easier to shoot the cue ball at the target with more accuracy. Cue sticks are also a medium for performing various shots such as spin, bounce, or straight shots. For getting the best cue stick, firstly, you must know about all four types of cue sticks that are used in the game.

List of Cue Sticks that are used in the game of Pool

Phenolic cue sticks

Phenolic cue sticks are best suited for billiard games that involve breaking. The stick is created using various types of carbon fibers. These carbon fibers hold the material of the stick together, which makes it stronger. It is used by players who take shots by applying more pressure on both the cue ball and the stick. If you are a beginner, then this cue stick will be better for you. Some pro players use these sticks for breaking the rack and switch to other soft and medium cue sticks for better gameplay.

Soft Pool Cues

These pool cues require high- maintenance. But it delivers you the best quality during the gameplay in terms of accuracy. The tips of Soft pool cues are made of very soft material. This helps in the transfer of force from the stick to the cue ball. Taking spin shots is easier with soft pool cues. The soft tips of these cues needed to be brushed and chalked before, during, and after the gameplay. But if you are looking for the best pool cues, then you can go for it. 

However, if you are a beginner, then the stick may not be found perfect for you. So, start with hard cue tip sticks and gradually upgrade your stick level along with your gameplay.

Hard Pool cues 

If you are an amateur, then you can opt for these cue sticks. The tips of cue sticks are very hard as compared to other sticks. The hardness mopped up by these sticks is very low. This property makes it easier for beginners to shoot on straight targets. Moreover, hard pool cue sticks are found in places, where the pool is taken as the source of entertainment not for tournaments. It includes locations such as bars, homes, clubs, taverns, etc. This is because it is easier to maintain the stick without any expense. The only drawback of this stick is that it is less accurate than other sticks. Else it could be ranked in the best pool cues.

Medium Pool cues

These pool cues are used by a maximum number of players across the world. This cue stick plays the role of both the soft and hard sticks. It has a tip that is slightly hard and slightly soft. This ensures that it does not absorb much force and provides more accuracy. The stick also helps you in performing cut shots and bounce shots. The only drawback is that it also requires a little bit of high maintenance but less than soft pool cues.

Best pool cues for beginners

If you are purchasing a stick for playing pool, then you may first figure out which type of player you are. Then, compare which type of pool sticks players play with at the beginner level. This will help you in getting the best pool stick. And remember that beginners’ pool sticks are more comfortable. 

  1. Crimson maple C96– It is best for beginners as it is categorized in medium pool cues.
  2. McDermot Lucky L9– This cue stick is best for hard shots, and comes with an Irish wrap around the shaft that absorbs the moisture.
  3. Cuesoul 58– The special ability of Cuesoul 58 is that it can be customized according to you. Although it is not that durable but is good for beginners’ practice.
  4. Viking’s Valhalla– This cue stick is made of hard material and is good for performing straight shots. The weight of the stick is of your choice, which does not make it uncomfortable during the gameplay.

Best pool cues for pro players

Pro players require the best pool cues that may help in winning the tournaments. So, pro players opt for these:

  1. ELM02 limited edition Mezz Efren Reyes
  2. John Parris
  3. McDermot Bridgeport
  4. Players HXT15 and C-960
  5. Valhalla Va31


Hope that the above information of the best pool cues may help you in selecting the best cue sticks for your gameplay. Although cue sticks are very important in playing pool, you can still play pool online without purchasing any cue sticks and going to the pool centers. Moreover, it offers you real-time cash and exciting prizes for winning the game.


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