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Google is poised to revolutionize SEO and the way people search for information online.

The ” continuous scrolling “, that is the continuous scrolling, is arriving on the Google searches carried out by mobile devices . This is the latest news from the Big G, which for some time now has been redesigning the search results page from smartphones to ensure users an increasingly fluid experience, easy to understand and comfortable to use.

Many questions arise spontaneously:

  • How does the search results page change?
  • How does SEO and online information search change?
  • How is user behavior evolving?
  • What is the goal of continuous scrolling?

Would you like to know more? Keep reading!


How does the search results page change?

The SERP , or the Search Engine Results Page, appears as an uninterrupted and stimulating flow of information for the user’s navigation. To be clear, everything will be similar to the social network feed, with an “infinite scroll”.

The Mountain View giant , in its official announcement , said

“At Google, we’re always exploring new ways to help people find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Earlier this year, we rolled out a makeover of the search results page on mobile devices for a more modern experience that is easier to browse and navigate. “

The introduction of continuous scrolling seems to follow precisely this strategic logic. In some time, every search carried out by mobile device will no longer involve clicking on the next page, but the automatic loading of further results once the user reaches the bottom of a page by scrolling.

Here is a preview of the new SERP, released directly by Google:


How does SEO and online information search change?

The main benefit of this change is that it is more comfortable to analyze the different results of a query, almost certainly. However, from the point of view of us mark eters, the focus is also on other factors.

If we consider that one of the foundations of SEO lies in the interest that users show towards the very first results on the first page, it will be interesting to find out if continuous scrolling will be of advantage to those who place themselves in the subsequent positions , so far relatively hidden and less consulted.

Could it and therefore change the SEO approach , since slowly (and for now only on mobile devices) will you stop referring to page 1, page 2, page 3 and so on? There are those who think yes and those who think no.

At the present time it is difficult to make precise predictions , if only because the search dynamics that guide users are not so mechanical, nor are they excessively rigid and predetermined. Think for example of the Ads that nestle in the lower part of the mobile results, and that don’t pay much attention to pagination!

The behavior of the SERP is not easy to predict, since it does not necessarily believe that a quality result must necessarily be on the front page.

How is user behavior evolving?

More and more and regardless of the functioning of the algorithms, SEO specialists will still have to keep in mind that network users evolve, change, become more and more smart .

This means they no longer just search and take a quick look at the top five results on Google, but they compare, read, watch , interact – especially if they have to make a purchase decision.

They therefore remain somewhat ahead of machines and are, at least in part, unpredictable in their behavior.

What is the goal of continuous scrolling?

The ultimate goal of this novelty is to inspire users by making more search results accessible in a more natural and convenient way. Google claims that a genuinely interested user can go up to four pages , especially if they’ve asked an open question . An example: “How can I knit pumpkins for Halloween?”

You can easily guess why: Those looking for suggestions or inspiration will, by nature, be more inclined to explore different options and therefore to consult a larger number of sources.

The continuous scrolling in mobile searches, which are now dominant in the use of the network, could therefore bring surprising results that digital marketing specialists have not so far taken into account. In Google ‘s words , “scrolling through a wider range of results may reveal tons of options you haven’t thought of yet .” 

For particularly curious users, this new search experience could therefore prove to be extremely functional .

At the time of writing this article, continuous scrolling is being progressively implemented only for English queries from the United States , and there is still no deployment date for Italy . But we are sure it will not be long in coming .


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