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Do monowheels have a license for German road traffic?

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If you want to drive with your monowheel not only on your property but also to work or through the city, you currently still have a problem. Currently, monowheels have no road approval in Germany. However, hoverboard battery the laws for monowheels could be adapted in the near future, similar to Segways. Anyone who is currently caught with a monowheel on the road in Germany must expect a fine and an entry in the traffic offender file.

Tests of electric unicycles and monowheel comparisons provide good clues to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of certain models. However, serious tests should also name the most important purchase criteria so that they are meaningful. These include:


  • Processing
  • Mileage
  • Wheel size (inches)
  • Speed (km/h)
  • Load capacity (kg)
  • Product weight (kg)
  • Charging time (h)
  • Operating temperature (°C)
  • Lighting
  • Incl. carrying handle (Yes/No)

Qualitatively, good standards have now established themselves for monowheels. These are also confirmed by monowheel tests in 2022. Particularly cheap monowheels of the lower price category often have a very limited range and speed, but this hardly comes into play, since monowheels currently have no road approval.

Tip: Since the high acquisition costs of a new device can be very high, there is also the possibility to buy a used monowheel. The usual wear parts can be purchased from the respective manufacturer.

One problem, however, is the rather steep prices when it comes to more powerful models. A good monowheel and a motorcycle cost a similar amount and are therefore not affordable for everyone. If appropriate changes in the law should occur and you can also drive through the city with a monowheel, then the higher acquisition costs would be more justifiable.

Price ranges in comparison: differences in range and speed

The equipment of a monowheel is very much tied to the price of a model. Decisive for the performance is both the motor and the battery. In the lowest price category from 300 euros, both the speed and the range and thus the performance is severely limited. Speeds above 20 km/h can hardly be found here.

Hint: If monowheels receive road approval in Germany,best electric longboards their own monowheel insurance is also due. Like all means of transport that travel faster than 6 km/h, liability insurance is necessary. Currently, however, no insurance is offered for the monowheel.

In the middle price category from about 700 euros, the range of up to 40 km is often twice as large as with the cheap products. Even the best monowheel in the upper price range hardly does more. In monowheel comparisons, the expensive top models convince with a higher maximum speed and a good slope limit. However, the load capacity in terms of weight is relatively similar for all products.


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