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DJ Will Gill

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Will Gill is one of the top live event hosts in America. He is usually booked for corporate events as an all-in-one DJ and Emcee.

Will Gill is an expert presenter and host with the ability to please any crowd and play music of any genre. His seamless transitions create an exciting flow, while his skillful entertainment acts as a bridge to let people be themselves. There are more than 700 Five-Star Reviews from prospective clients on Google, making him the highest-rated event host.

Recently, Will Gill was named the Forbes Next 1000 for his incredible stage performances. An excellent example of his interaction with the audience is his expertise in keeping crowds engaged online which was acknowledged by the Wall street journal, and Will Gill was titled Wall Street Journal’s Virtual DJ-Emcee for corporate America.

7 Tips To Become A Professional Emcee

Have you ever been approached to become an event emcee? You might be unsure how to prepare for such an important event. If you want to avoid awkward performances or embarrass

yourself with poor jokes, it’s best to prepare beforehand. Here is a list of seven tips for becoming a great live event host, setting you up for success, and engaging with the audience

1. Get to Know Your Attendees

Emcees should understand who their audience is and what they expect from them. This is important because the atmosphere and nature of an intimate wedding or school dinner will differ from the virtual event or corporate conference. When you’re the emcee host, you must realize what kind of crowd is attending the event, the number of attendees, and their personalities and quirks. When performing live, we want our emcee always to remember that they need to appeal to everyone at the event and avoid alienating any sub-groups!

2. Take time to plan and prepare

As the host of a show, you need to be prepared. But even the best-laid plans sometimes take surprising turns. A good host must be ready to adapt on the fly and keep their audience engaged no matter what happens in their show. Ensure you’ve got everything from test questions from your contestants to ad-libs memorized and ready to go when needed! Let’s not forget about emergency tech help too. Your co-hosts or stage crew must be looking out for any sudden issues with equipment so you can carry on with a flawless presentation!

3. Start strong

Engage with confidence – your topic sets the tone for the rest of the event! You only have a few moments at an event to attract your listeners’ attention. Get them to believe you are fantastic, and they will be more than willing to listen to what you have to say.

4. Introduce yourself

It’s not just about who you are and why you are hosting the event but how you’re connected to it. Many emcees fail to communicate with their audience, despite being one of the most critical factors, especially for performing artists. An appropriate brief or establishing yourself with a formal introduction is essential.

5. Explain the significance of the event

As an event emcee, they must ensure that excitement is contagious to make the day run smoothly. Their role at a wedding or other high-profile events is to engage and entertain the audience. A great emcee brings energy and enthusiasm in equal measure.

6. Interactions are important

An emcee who talks incessantly throughout the performance will bore an audience. Instead, a more entertaining way for people to get involved and be part of the event is by asking them questions or letting them chant out something together. Some questions could start a round of applause from the audience too! Like how many years are all the guests at this wedding celebrating?

To keep people involved in your event and help create cohesive confidence between new and old friends. Try getting some audience participation going by asking some questions that they can engage with and maybe shout chants or show some hands if you want to make sure everyone’s fully engaged. This will surely add to playing as a fun and lively atmosphere for siblings/parents/bridals!

7. Finish on a high note

Attendees are more likely to remember your closing remarks. That’s why you should make sure you leave them with parting words that will create an impression long after the event has ended. Some suggestions are writing a captivating speech and delivering it in front of the crowd, leading a chant, or even hosting a dance event as the emcee-DJ who finally gets to play.


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