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Confessions of a Hair Stylist on Developing a Beauty Career

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Undeniably, a career in the beauty industry seems glamorous. People trust you with their hair, nails, lips, face, skin, and beauty routines. Aside from that, if you are lucky to build long-term relationships with your clients, they will even trust you with their secrets. As much as it sounds great, there are some challenges worth knowing.

What hairstylists and makeup artists do not usually tell you is that building a successful career in the industry is also an uphill task. You would have to work extended hours and be creative. Further, note that it takes years to build a brand, and most importantly, you need to get the necessary credentials and certifications to become a beauty entrepreneur. All of these come at a cost.

We were able to chat with a hairstylist who has successfully managed salons, corporate spas, and even some of the largest spa chains. So, in this post, we share with you some confessions she has for anyone looking to develop a career in the beauty industry.

Here Are Top Nine Confessions on What it Takes to Build a Brand in the Beauty Industry 

While we gathered a lot of information, we can put it into the following major topics. Here is what you need to learn:

Attend a Beauty School and Complete Your Course 

If you have chosen to find space in the highly competitive and fast-paced beauty industry, you should enroll in the right course. Many states often require that you pursue an approved program and fully complete the course. Note also that a high school or an equivalent diploma is, in most cases, a requirement.

As a precaution, always find out if the program you want to take is approved by the state you intend to work at. If you have any challenge doing so, feel free to find out the required credentials of the program you are interested in from your state’s licensing board.

Our hairstylist also had one takeaway for everyone about training. She says that initial training is a requirement, but it does not end there. One needs to continue taking courses, even while working to keep up with the current trends.

Sit for Your State Board Exams Such as the Nail Technician Practice Test 

If you have chosen to pursue nail art, you need to prepare well and sit for your state board nail exam before you market yourself. Most states will often require that you do a nail technician practical exam and a nail technician theory exam.

However, you should bear in mind that for many people, preparing and taking state board exams are daunting tasks. It is even more stressful if you do not get the correct guidance. So, what should you do? Here are some practical tips:

Do Some Practice Tests before The Actual One 

Did you know that there are free nail technician tests, cosmetology exams, hair care tests, and the like that you can take as you prepare? They do exist, and you can take them anytime and anywhere–even from the comfort of your home. When you take them, you get a sense of the actual exam layout, reduce anxiety, and determine the areas to focus on as you prepare for the actual exam.

Understand the Topics That the Exams Cover 

Find out early in advance what a nail state board exam covers–that helps you ensure that you do not leave any stone unturned. Needless to say, these exams are not usually easy. Remember that the state needs to ensure that it gives licenses to the right people.

Start Preparing Early and Seek Advice 

If you stay until just a few weeks before the exam, you invite trouble. On the other hand, early preparation gives you enough time and it also boosts your confidence. So, organize your study time, start revisions early, use past papers or exams to gauge yourself, and keep your body and mind healthy.

Get Started Early 

You do not have to wait until everything is perfect before you start. The secret, according to our hairstylist, is to kick off your career as a beautician today and strive to improve over time. You can, for instance, start with just a few skincare services and then grow from there.

Arguably, experience and learning by doing are the best for any career. Ask any thriving skincare or haircare expert near you, and you will be amazed at how humble they began. No one starts big, but everyone can grow big with a consistent push to succeed.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage 

We are in the 21st century where social media gives you an immense opportunity to market your beauty services. You, therefore, have all the reasons to advertise. To use it to your advantage, here are some suggestions from our top hairstylist:

  • Show off your skills using images by building a portfolio
  • Network with other pros in the industry
  • Find new clients every day using social media
  • Learn how to use popular hashtags

With the right tips, social media can help you rise to become a big brand. You can use it to build a successful career as a beautician. Take a look at every big brand out there, and you will discover that they are aggressively active on social media.

Be Up to Date With Current and Emerging Trends 

Things keep changing in the beauty industry. So, to remain among the top in the industry, you need to keep up with the latest trends. Find out the latest styles in hair extensions, the best color methods, the most in-demand nail arts, different hair cutting techniques, including how to take care of wavy hair and related areas. You can learn about such emerging trends in:

  • Fashion shows
  • Social media
  • Beauty magazines
  • Celebrity platforms

As a rule of thumb, strive to stay on top of your game. Collaborate with your clients, and let them find the latest styles and trends in beauty from your beauty clinic.

Acquire Excellent Interpersonal Skills  

Whether you are venturing into cosmetology, skin care, nail art, or other areas in the beauty industry, you must learn how to interact with people. For good interactions, you need to build your interpersonal skills. You need to acquire interpersonal skills on how to:

  • Persuade people politely to use your services
  • Handle clients, including those with the worst attitude
  • Converse with strangers
  • Build long-term friendships with clients


Look, people love beauty, and there are endless opportunities in the beauty industry. However, it takes courage, hard work, proper training, and access to helpful information to find space in the industry.

We have offered you valuable tips based on the confessions of a top professional in the industry. If you are already starting or would like to start a career in the beauty industry, we’re sure you will find these tips valuable. Do not forget to apply them and go ahead of the curve!


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