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How To Choose The Right Flowers For A Funeral

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When death hits your community, everything starts to feel cloudy. You have to function as usual while going through the grieving process and running the gambit of your emotions.

Even if you weren’t close to the person who passed away, it’s still important to be there for the loved ones who were more affected by the death. If you’re nearby, it’s customary to bring a frozen meal to the grieving family so they don’t have to worry about cooking.

If you’re farther away, it’s best to send flowers for a funeral. You can send the flowers to the service itself or to the most affected parties.

Flowers have a secret language most people don’t understand. To learn which flowers are appropriate, see below.

Choosing Floral Arrangements Appropriate for the Situation

When you think of sending flowers to a romantic partner, what flower do you think of? Roses. How about when you’re celebrating a birth or other favorable situation? Something cheery, like daisies and sunflowers.

Funeral floral arrangements take a more subtle touch than the situations above. You want to walk the line of celebrating someone’s life without making the arrangement too cheery.

If you don’t want to go through all the work of deciding which flowers to send, a florist can help you send a custom funeral wreath. Funeral wreaths are a great way of sending your condolences without spending time figuring out funeral etiquette.

Whether you choose to send a pre-designed wreath or want to put together a bouquet yourself, here are the most popular flowers for a funeral.

Flowers for a Funeral: A List of Choices

Your florist can help you set up a floral arrangement. Some people decide to add in the deceased persons’ favorite flowers, while others go more generic. Common flower choices include:

  • White lilies: innocence and purity
  • White roses: innocence, reverence
  • Carnations: white, red, or pink
  • Chrysanthemums: love and innocence
  • Tulips: white or yellow
  • Orchids: beautiful but expensive

The colors of the flowers above send different messages. You can think of flower color meanings in terms of intensity. For example, red is a very passionate color, usually reserved for lovers or partners of the deceased.

Pink and yellow are gentle colors, generally associated with friendship or companionship. White is a safe color for any other situation, where you didn’t know the person that well or don’t want to declare your relationship with them.

Funeral Floral Arrangements: Touching but Respectful

When choosing flowers for a funeral, it’s better to be understated than overstated. Unless you had a close, public relationship, gentle colors are the best choice for general funeral etiquette.

While someone who’s grieving probably won’t take a lot of time to look at your flowers right away, they’ll appreciate the thought and your effort. It’s the other people at the funeral who will read into the meaning of your funeral floral arrangement.

We’re sorry for your loss and wish you and your loved one’s peace during this hard time. Please reach out to us and we can work with you to build a beautiful arrangement.


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