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Choosing the Right Cables in Your Home Network

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Network cabling is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home network. If you don’t take time to really plan out your wiring, you may not be getting the best performance possible from your devices and internet connection.

In this article, we’ll discuss What is the best Ethernet cable for gaming, so that you can get the best performance while gaming across all of your devices! Let us jump right into it.

Use Cat cabling

CAT stands for the category and it’s a rating that defines how much bandwidth the cable can handle, plus what other types of signals it works with.

The category is rated using a number system from CAT-0 to CAT-12 or higher. The higher the number, the more speed you get over your network connection. A good rule of thumb when choosing cables is: always pick at least cat-grade “c”

since they have been tested extensively across multiple device platforms and signal speeds/types so you will ensure compatibility right off the bat!

Use the Proper cable length

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their network is not choosing a cable that’s long enough to reach from point A to point B and also take into consideration any potential future devices you may buy or add-ons for existing ones.

Most home networks only need cables (at most) around 25 feet in length, but longer runs are best suited with 30+ footers which have been tested rigorously by manufacturers across different speeds/types of internet connections so they know exactly what kind of performance your going to get! In other words: never settle for less than cat grade c30 since it can be used on virtually every device made in 2019 and beyond!

Choose the Right cable type.

There are several types of cables that you can choose from when making your network connection, but they all fall into one of two categories: straight-through or crossover. A Straight-Through cable has exactly what it sounds like; each pin on both sides matches up so there’s no confusion about which side needs to plug in where!

A good rule for this kind of cabling is if all of the devices on your home network have either a blue, black, white, or gray port then go with CAT-grade C30 since its tested extensively across multiple speeds and platforms!

Use a Cable Tester.

As with any type of tech device, cables can become damaged over time by bending them wrong or just age in general which you can’t tell without testing it first! Most cabling manufacturers will include some sort of cable tester that you plug into each end to test the individual wires themselves before making final connections so

if there’s ever an issue (such as broken wire) then you’ll be able to pick up replacement parts right away and not waste your time/money on having someone else do it for you. And never forget: always buy more than what you think is enough since they are reusable multiple times across different types of devices!

Buy in bulk

This tip is especially true for CAT-grade C30 cables! Since they have been thoroughly tested across multiple speeds, platforms, and lengths you can never go wrong using them on your home network since there are over 100 devices that use this type of cable today alone!

Plus if anything ever goes wrong with one of the connections, at least you’ll have a backup to keep everything up and running till it’s fixed! Please avoid buying off brand or cheap cabling because not only will their performance suffer but they also might even cause damage to some of your more sensitive components down the road so buy from reputable retailers instead.

Buy quality

Since you are using this network to connect all of the devices in your home, it’s important that they not only have enough bandwidth for whatever task(s) you want them to do but also be able to stand up against wear and tear every single day!

If you find a cabling adapter or cable that doesn’t support at least CAT-grade C30 then just keep looking since there are better options out there with higher speeds/lengths available even if it may cost more money upfront.

so always ask yourself: what kind of performance am I getting for my dollar? If you can get double the speed by buying something slightly pricier then don’t hesitate when buying

Label the cables

There are so many different kinds of cabling available on the market today that it can be hard to keep track of them all! That’s why it’s important to label each one with a colored sticker or piece of tape in order to know what kind they are and where they’re going when mounting/installing your home network.

if you have lots extra, just go ahead and buy a permanent marker too because nothing is worse than having an unidentifiable cable leftover from another project crawling out from under your desk years later.

Put them in the right place.

There are several places you can put your cabling throughout your home but it should always be routed through a central hub (such as an electrical box) so that any excess length of slack remains contained and out of view,

while all other connections are hidden behind furniture or along baseboards for example. Make sure to keep this routing consistent even when running new cables too since having different methods could create confusion later on about which cable goes where!


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