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What Are the Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding?

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Stand up paddle boarding let ancient tribes invade territory, fish, and hunt in silence thousands of years ago. Flash forward to today, and paddle boarding is growing more popular all the time.

Watching a lone figure gliding across the horizon, silhouetted by the sun, it’s easy to see why.

People have even paddled along a whole country on a paddle board.

But did you know it’s good for you, too? Let’s splash over a few key health benefits of paddle boarding.

Gives You a Cast-Iron Core

Standing, balancing, and rowing all work your core muscles. And after a day of paddle boarding, you might wake up feeling like it hurts to laugh. It is one of the best core workouts out there.

A stronger core gives you greater stability, increased endurance, and even better breathing. So the work is worth it, and it beats doing crunches in the gym.

Improves Your Balance

Paddle boarding for beginners can be tricky at first. But once you get it, you’ll have it for good. You can always ask others for paddle boarding tips. And if you fall, you’ll land in the water, so no pressure.

If you want to up your game, SUP Reviews has some info on choosing the best stand up paddle board. If you’re serious, you might want to invest to help you improve.

Low-Impact, Whole-Body Workout

You need to use your whole body to paddle board. Your legs keep you upright and team with your core to give you balance. Your arms and shoulders hold your oar straight and help create power. Even your neck will get a workout.

And the best part is that paddle boarding is low impact. You can build your joint stability without stressing your joints and cartilage.

It Clears Your Head: The Cognitive Benefits of Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding puts you in the ideal mindset for meditation. Your rowing rhythm, the feeling of the water, and being in nature can all boost your mental wellbeing.

Coupled with exercise, connecting with nature can work magic for depression and anxiety. It is one of the key paddle boarding benefits.

Lets You Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Stand up paddle boarding under crisp, winter skies will wake you up. But when the sun is out, there are few better places to soak it up than on a lake or out from the beach.

Just make sure to pack some sunscreen, shades, and a hat. All that refracted light can be dazzling. A pair of polarized sunglasses will help you see where you’re going. They’ll also help you spot fish hiding under the light and waves.

Gets Your Heart Pumping

Paddle boarding can be hard work. You’ll increase your heart rate and give your cardiovascular system a workout. And as we said, it is low-impact, like swimming or cycling.

You’ll burn calories. Your aerobic and anaerobic endurance will increase. And you’ll slim your waistline if you keep at it.

Looking for Ways to Boost Your Health?

We hope this article helped you understand the benefits of paddle boarding. It’s brilliant for your body, and it’s a lot of fun too.

If you want more tips on health, lifestyle, and entertainment, feel free to check out the rest of our site. In the meantime, see you on the water.


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