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Best Refreshing Designer Slides for Men 

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Designer slides are not only good for you to wear during summer time. They’re also good to be worn in all seasons. Your toes are exposed out of your footwear when you wear slides. So, they are refreshing to wear as they leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Below are the designer slides that men like you would love:

Just Do It Athletic Sandals 

These sandals come in a variety of colors. Such a feature of the Just Do It Athletic sandals makes this footwear ideal to be worn in different sporting events. Among the colors these slides are available of are neutral old school colors, such as, black and white, and bright colors, like red and flouro-multicolors. 

The soles of these slides have flex grooves that aid in enabling you to maximize your mobility without having to try hard to do so. The foot soles of these slides are comfortable, thanks to their softened foot soles. The jersey texture of the Just Do It Athletic Sandals adds to the comfortable feeling this footwear gives. 

Sports Slides 

Sports slides come in three colors in one single footwear. The high-quality materials of this footwear not only make you feel confident. They also make you feel excellent, and boosts your mood. These slides have rubber coles and countoured-shaped foot soles for a soft texture feel and traction that’s safe. The green and red colored stripes of these sandals look marvelous when paired with white and black clothing and miscellaneous accessories for men. 

Fat Tire Slide Sneakers 

These slides sneakers bear a strong resemblance to the mountain bike version of the regular men’s slides. The external parts of the Fat Tire slide sneakers are so comfortable that they enable you to traction lugs to get an additional firm grip on the footwear. These parts make the slide sneakers strong. A lot of this footwear’s cushioned texture is at the midsole. This part of the footwear enhances the force that each foot of yours generates to refine your feet balance. The faux leather strap can be adjusted with accompanying velco closure. The velco closure caters to the fitting of your feet, made in accordance to your needs. 

Drifter Sports Sandals 

This footwear is popular for having a lightweight comfortable feel. The outer sole and contoured footbed parts have unique soft textures, and are waterproofed. With this said, these sandals are good to be worn in pools and beaches. The band at the topmost part of this footwear comprises of a microfiber-synthetic material. Wearing shorts with these slides during sporting events looks good on you!

Black Siv Sandals 

These sandals are included in the list of most fashionable slides for men. Their double-layer straps located at the upper parts of the footwear include a neoprene layer, that’s soft to the touch. The neoprene layer has a velco closure that you can adjust in accordance to the degree of tightness that you would like. There’s a clear polyurethane layer that has a cross-hatch patterned style on it. What’s more, the molded-shaped soles are comfortable, with circle-shaped toes that’s attractive on a global level. Trust these sandals’ rubber in the external parts of their soles for a tight hold when you wear this footwear. Black Siv sandals are known for their boldly styled design. These sandals look best when they are matched with oversized hoodie or regular shirt and cropped trousers that are loosely designed. 

In order to choose the right sandals for men, it’s always helpful to try the footwear first before purchasing it. Designer slides may be mistaken as footwear only women wear. Be an influential advocate for male slides fashion by wearing the sandals for men of your choice. 



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