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Six Playing Positions in Volleyball 

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Whether you’re an athlete, a sports enthusiast, or simply a student, knowing Volleyball is fun, especially when you watch the anime Haikyu. Volleyball is so much more than just spinning around the court. Volleyball features six different positions, and each player has a unique job to play. It is critical to grasp the significance of each role in Volleyball to advance your understanding of the sport. 

Like any other competitive team, you must rely on each player to do their job and do it well. Volleyball is an incredibly fast-paced sport that necessitates exceptional athletic abilities. You can choose which of these six positions to play based on your skillset and which aspects of the game you excel best. If you’re a new player or plan to play, you must learn these positions. Without further ado, here are the basic positions of Volleyball.

  1. Setter 

The setter is the key contributor to the volleyball team’s offensive. A precise touch is required of the setter to set the ball correctly for one of the attacking players. A setter’s tasks include passing the ball to the hitters on the court on the second contact, directing the offensive, playing right-back defense, and blocking the opposing team’s an outside hitter. There would be no solid spikes or technical ball movement if the setter did not exist.

  1. Outsde Hitter

The outside Hitter generally plays on the left side of the court and is the primary attacker. The outside Hitter is a volleyball player who completes the majority of the attack hits during the game. When they reach the back row, they usually take up the responsibilities of passing and defending. The Volleyball will not always be positioned where the outsider hitter prefers, so they must be prepared to receive hits from various angles.

  1. Opposite Hitter

Also known as right-side hitters, they must be able to mix offensive and defense. They will also have numerous opportunities to hit the Volleyball, therefore jumping skill is essential. This player’s duties include both attacking and preventing the opposing team’s outside Hitter’s attacks. Hitting the ball from the right side of the court is more convenient for a left-handed person. For this reason, left-handed players are frequently chosen for the role of right-side Hitter.

  1. Middle Blocker

Sometimes called the middle Hitter, the middle blocker is the volleyball team’s tallest player. Their primary function is to serve as the first line of defense against the other team’s hits. Middle blockers are the best blockers on the team, and they generally hit fast-paced sets from the middle of the court and behind the setter. Because middle sets are the hardest to set and demand good passes, middles frequently get the fewest sets yet have the highest hitting rates.

  1. Libero

For non-volleyball players, the libero can be perplexing. They can only play on the back row of the court, making them the ideal person to take a hit from the opposing team. The libero must obey specific regulations: avoiding attacking the ball at the net, playing a set for an attacker from the front, and so on. It is important to note that liberos only play in the back row of the court. The point is that liberos are players who wear different colored jerseys. A team can only have one libero.

  1. Defense

A defensive specialist, like a libero, plays in the back row and is responsible for both defense and receiving serve. They do not wear distinct colored jerseys, unlike the libero. What distinguishes the defensive specialist from other volleyball positions is their ability to change out any player on the court. This will be deducted from the team’s total of 12 replacements. Traditionally, the defensive specialist focuses on ball handling and passing and collaborates well with the libero.

Volleyball is Fun

Learning and playing Volleyball can be a fun and exciting experience. It’s essential to understand these positions to play better. As you know these things, you can also wear athletic clothes and even wear those same outfits that you see in anime shows such as Haikyu. If you’re ever looking for these kinds of stuff, you can always check out Kenma, Shoyo, Toyo, etc., cosplay costumes to feel more confident when playing the game.

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