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Best movies based on novels

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Who does not like seeing their favorite book characters come to life? Seeing Anne from Anne of Green Gables fall in a reverie while sitting on your living room couch, or watching Harry from Harry Potter practicing his magic (movies) spells in your garden would be such a feast to the eyes. Also Read All Batman movies.

We know by now you must be thinking that we have gone bonkers. We are aware that seeing your best-loved book characters in your home is not possible; however, looking at them on your TV screens or on any streaming site is no surprise. 

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However, if you are more interested in streaming, then streaming services like Netflix should be your preference. Either way, you will be able to enjoy the countless movies based on books that have been released in the past decade and have also received great appreciation. 

With their attention to detail and great storytelling approach, these classics have truly won the hearts of their fans. We are aware that it can be very difficult to fit a book’s worth of plot as well as character evolution into some hours of amusement. As a result, the best books to film adaptations frequently feel more like a companion piece than a faithful retelling of a well-selling paperback. 

To appeal to a modern audience, some adaptations, such as the 2019 rendition of Little Women, tinker with the tale or include new sequences. Others reap the benefits of Hollywood’s flash and splendor. For example, Netflix’s movies adaptation of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before features an interesting soundtrack that enhances the romance onscreen. 

Listed here are some of the top books to movie adaptations currently available for streaming. We have also included the real-life books that inspired them, so you can add them to your to-read list. There is no way you will get bored here. 

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s classic tale of love, betrayal, and awful first impressions has been adapted numerous times. But, unlike past cinematic adaptations, this one, starring Kiera Knightley and Mathew Macfayden, adopts a more realistic approach. 

Little Women

Little Women, no doubt has been one of the most talked-about novels of all time. Despite her astonishing rule out in this year’s Oscar nominations, undoubtedly Greta Gerwig did an exceptional job with her modification of Louisa May Alcott’s exemplary novel. 

Gerwig essentially adds a little twist to the main storyline by envisioning that Jo is the narrator of the book Little Women. This narrative alters the main theme into one about gifted passion as well as attainment, and with a single stroke, gives a classic-a new lease on life while remaining true to its essence. 

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables revolves around a young, vibrant, intelligent, and dynamic girl, Anne. Frequently fallen in a reverie, Anne makes her life beautiful with the help of her vivid imagination. Her sweet and cunning remarks make Gilbert Blythe from school fall in love with her. 

Both Gilbert and Anne share cute moments on the screen where they are found frequently fighting and disagreeing on topics. Anne, who is self-conscious about her red hair and plain appearance, wanders from one misadventure to the next as her animated imagination and far-fetched antics amalgamate to cause trouble for her. 

Finally set against the breathtaking beauty of Prince Edward Island, this Emmy award-winning production follows Anne Shirley from her adolescence hardships to her accomplishments as a young lady. 

The Color Purple

Steven Spielberg crafted a fantastic adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel, one that is both storyline and character accurate to the text. This is a remarkable feat because Spielberg relies heavily on his actors to express most of the emotional material, whereas, in the novel, we are privy to Celie’s inner thoughts and feelings. This film is a must-see due to the outstanding performances by the actors.

Sense and Sensibility

Emma Thompson’s 1995 screenplay adaptation of Jane Austen’s book, directed by Ang Lee, modifies several of the characters in subtle but successful ways to make them more acceptable to contemporary sensibilities simultaneously maintaining the original book’s dynamics and tensions. Thompson won an Oscar for the best-adapted screenplay, and the film is still considered one of the best present-day adaptations of the world. 

Wrapping up

Who does not enjoy a fine book or a decent film? If you enjoy both, you will then definitely enjoy the films listed above, which are based on the finest works of literature. 


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