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Best strategies of monetization of iOS and Android apps

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Mobile apps are an enterprise whose owner is keen on monetizing of the app. This is why there are numerous tools models, strategies, and strategies. Certain are effective for all kinds of apps, while others are only suitable for service apps. There are around ten main strategies for iOS and Android revenue generation, but below we take eight of the most well-known ones.

App monetization strategies
Therefore, we’ve identified the top 8 methods that will aid you in generating money from your mobile application:

Advertising. It is a tool that can be used to use with any app including gaming applications. The ads could be banners, native or interstitial. They can also be interactive or even in the form of an e-video clip. This is the most straightforward way to begin earning money at the very beginning.
In-app purchases. Users pay real money in exchange for virtual currency that can later be used to purchase additional features in the application. It’s a viable method for games because it is based on the concept of the psychological dependence of the user to virtual reality.
Freemium is paid subscription to an upgraded version of an application. The users using the free version only access a few types of options and do not have the entire range of options. If they’d like to buy the full version or use the free version.
Paid subscriptions are like the earlier method, with only the distinction that payments are made on a monthly schedule, generally automatically every month. This is a great method for streaming services of various kinds.
Paid download. This islikely to be the least effective option, yet it’s still being used. You decide on the cost per each download that you download from your app , and you earn an instant profit from every new user. There are becoming fewer customers ready to shell out for downloads however.
Paid features. For example, a free version of the VPN app is able to cover 4 countries, while the paid version offers dozens of locations or every one of them. The paid “no ads” version of the application is also an illustration of this type of model.
Commissions are a viable option for service and marketplace applications. The system is working well, but the drawback is that the person who owns the application will end up being the one who has to deal with all complaints of customers and customers.
Combination models. Based on the name, multiple models are available in the same application. E.g. you earn money from advertisements, and your game has a shop that players can purchase additional equipment and services.
Conclusion: Which model is superior?
From an objective perspective, monetization through advertising appears to be the best choice. The field is currently in development and there is no reason to charge users for any service or force them to spend money. Another benefit to advertising is the fact that it’s advantageous for all niches such as games, services, marketplaces dating apps, and so on.


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