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Best Commercial Solar Inverters of 2022

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Solar Inverters are an important part of the solar system, yet most people don’t pay much attention while buying them and later complain about the low solar output. It is also important that your solar inverters are compatible with the solar panel brand you are buying.

Today you can find a wide range of solar inverters and panels like REC, Trina, LG, and Canadian solar panels in the market, but you wouldn’t know which is the best for your business property without expert guidance. 

So refer to our list of handpicked solar inverter brands below.

Best commercial inverters

1. Fronius Inverters

Fronius is a well-known solar inverter brand revered as one of the best manufacturers of string inverters. Its unique snap-in inverter (snapINverter) design offers easy installation and gives it an edge over other brands. Fronius Symo and Eco range fits commercial requirements and works effectively with Q Cells Solar panels.


  • Integrated Data Communication

With the industry’s first data communication package and an internet connection, you can monitor solar output generation & consumption through a mobile app and ultimately reduce dependence on the grid. 

  • Active Cooling Technology

All devices come with inbuilt fans that prevent overheating in the inverters, leading to longer service life and better efficiency. 

  • Higher Efficiency

The integrated Dynamic Peak Manager in the inverter uses a highly efficient MPP tracking algorithm. It optimises the maximum power by regularly scanning the whole PV system and locating the most efficient point, despite shading.  

  • Warranty and Support 

Fronius inverters come with a 10 years warranty and offer incredible support with 3-5 days of replacement service.

2. SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge Inverters are another trusted brand with a good warranty period, making them a great choice for commercial purposes. Also, SolarEdge uses a power optimiser with its range of string inverters, providing maximum efficiency.


  • Maximum Efficiency

The power optimiser controls the power voltage and uses energy from high-performing panels, compensating the shaded power optimiser. SolarEdge’s HD Wave Genesis inverter offers the maximum efficiency rating in Australia at 99.2%. 

  • Smart monitoring 

The built-in wifi connection allows quick panel-level monitoring, providing power generation for each panel on a mobile app. 

  • Reliability 

SolarEdge inverters come with a warranty of 12 years that can be optimised up to 20-25 years, so you can undoubtedly rely on it.

  • Flexibility 

With a DC power optimiser, you can incorporate multiple types and orientations of panels in the same string.

3. Enphase Inverters 

Enphase is a leading micro-inverter brand offering great alternatives to string inverters. It uses micro-inverters attached to each panel, and every solar panel works independently to convert power imminently for use. 


  • Individual panel monitoring

Enphase uses individual panel monitoring and enables you to track energy production and consumption on the Enphase app so you can locate any underperforming panels easily. 

  • Individual panel optimisation

With the use of micro-inverters, you don’t need to worry about the failure of the whole solar system. Every module works independently to optimise production despite the shade or dust in a few solar panels.

  • Flexibility in installation

Enphase microinverters provide an easy installation with different orientations. Thus, eliminating roof complexity and maximising solar production.

4. Sungrow

Sungrow is one of the biggest solar inverter suppliers. It offers reliable and cost-effective solar inverters. With outstanding customer support and quality, they have maintained an international reputation. The company offers string and hybrid inverters for residential and commercial installation with a 10 years warranty. 


  • Support 

Sungrow has an office based in Sydney, Australia, so you can get quick and exceptional customer support.

  • Cloud-based Monitoring

Sungrow uses the cloud-based monitoring portal iSolarCloud to check energy management through a free mobile app. 

  • Budget Friendly 

It offers budget-friendly inverters with incredible quality. 

  • Extra Protection 

The factory-built DC isolator cover and IP 65 protection provide maximum safety from dust and high-pressure water jets. 

5. SMA

SMA is another popular string inverter manufacturer offering one of the highest-quality inverters. The extended warranty of 10 to 20 years and excellent support makes it a reliable brand. The Sunny Tripower series includes some of the best three-phase commercial inverters. 


  • Secure Power Supply (SPS)

The SPS feature offers you backups during blackouts.

  • Support 

SMA has proved its reliability throughout the years with low failures and incredible service with 3-5 days replacement. 

  • Online Monitoring 

All SMA inverters use a free online monitoring system known as Sunny Portal that continuously monitors the system and detects any faults. 


Solar inverters play a crucial role in optimising solar energy for commercial usage. So you need a reliable system that provides you with the maximum output. We hope our list of the best solar inverters will help you make the right choice.


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