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Benefits of Moving to Birmingham, MI

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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There are many reasons for which people choose to move to or live in different parts of Birmingham. For some, it might just be because of their place of work, for others, it is just as simple as the obvious reason that it is their birthplace. Each city, however, offers some unique benefits which its inhabitants enjoy. While some might offer some cultural sight benefits, others offer economic or social benefits which draw people to them.

In this article, we are going to beam our searchlight on Birmingham, MI. And just in case you are considering a place to move to in the United States and perhaps thinking of Birmingham, MI, I am going to take you through the benefits of moving to Birmingham, MI as well as living in Birmingham, MI by detailing the liveability indices of the city.

What do you know about Birmingham, MI

Right in Michigan of the County of Oakland is situated the small city of Birmingham. It is a great place to live. You might want to quickly learn these facts and data about the city of Birmingham. The city has a population of about 20,830 people. It equally has a 4.4% increase rate in population. Birmingham, MI is the 54th ranked city in the United States. It has  a livability index of 81, and comes 10th in

percentile in the ranking of cities with regards to low crime rate, quality of education, social amenities and employment.

Living in Birmingham, MI

Living in Birmingham, MI can be very interesting and provides one with special suburban feelings. Birmingham, MI is about the best place in Michigan to live. Birmingham has a lot of restaurants and booming markets, with a conservative lean. Life in Birmingham isn’t too expensive, and the inhabitants are welcoming and very much educated, with the entire city very serene and conducive for all. Your movement of all kinds, including your wares and properties are guaranteed safety by Movers Birmingham MI, which is designed To Move, and dedicated to high quality customer service and safe transport of your home.

Why consider moving to Birmingham, MI

Birmingham is a city that offers you a variety of opportunities either as a worker, student, tourists or whatever engagement or skill you have at hand.

Let’s consider the ranking of Birmingham in some key areas that you would probably checkout for in a city of your choice.

Educational standard

I can guess that you would want to move to a city with a high standard of education. Whether as a parent, student or even a worker, you would love an environment of educated people to interact and learn from. If so, Birmingham, MI will be most beneficial for you. Now check it out, Birmingham is popular for its excellent Public Schools among whom you can count Ernest W. Seaholm High School, Wylie E. Groves High School, Derby Middle School, and Quarton Elementary School. But that’s not enough, the interesting thing is that these schools make average test scores that are by 21% higher than what stands as the national average. Isn’t that just incredible? As if this isn’t good enough, the quality of education of the city still prints its evidence in the very commendable fact that about 75% of the people in the city have college education. Yes, that’s the educational beauty and benefit of moving to Birmingham, MI.


Well, you might say, no matter how beautiful and beneficial a city is, if it’s not affordable, then it is not worth it. I want to assure you that Birmingham is one of the cities that you can easily afford, and that’s one of the benefits.

Although the housing expenses in Birmingham are 58% higher than the national average, the many other variables are much more affordable than in most cities within the U.S. For instance, the utility prices are below the average national average by 6%, likewise the T-fare and gas pricing, which are lower than the national average pricing by 4%.

Birmingham is a thriving business hub

Know one of the reasons why I can guarantee that your moving to Birmingham can be very beneficial, it’s a city with thriving businesses. It’s SME is on the high rate, with about 300 super retail shops covering art materials, accessories and clothing etc.

Just imagine that you were an entrepreneur seeking for a vibrant place to do your business, don’t you see that Birmingham is all you have been looking for? It will support your growth in business and you will have nothing to regret.

Availability of job opportunities

While considering the benefits of moving to Birmingham, you surely cannot rule out that it is a city with great and mouth-watering job opportunities. In fact, for most persons living in Birmingham or moving to Birmingham, the great job opportunities that the city presents to them is one of the foremost benefits they cite. The evidence of this great opportunity is shown in the reduction of the city’s unemployment statistics by 3% lower than the national average unemployment. So, you see why Birmingham is such a good and beneficial place for you?

Birmingham has high income levels

It is one thing to have high job opportunities but another to have high income level jobs. Birmingham city is rated a city with the highest household income in Michigan. The median household income of Birmingham MI is higher than the United States average median income by an incredible 103%. All you need to maximize this opportunity is the right skill set and you will be one of those enjoying a whopping 152% per capita income greater than that of the United States average per capita income. What more do you wish for in moving to a city?

Lower Crime Rates

Perhaps one of the most important benefits a city can afford its inhabitants is safety. How peaceful is the city you want to move to? When we recommend Birmingham MI, it is because, among other things, its crime rate is very low. One of the benefits of moving to Birmingham is that it has a very low crime rate. In fact, Birmingham, MI is 65% lower than the United State’s average. This reduces the chances of being a victim in a crime by 1 in 104. Isn’t peace and security what you need most? Well then, that is exactly why you have to choose Birmingham, MI.

 In conclusion

The benefits of moving to Birmingham are many. Some of these benefits have been enumerated in this article and include, among other things, high education standard, high rate of employment opportunities, high income level, healthy economy and low crime rate. These benefits make moving to Birmingham, MI and living in Birmingham a top priority for many people, and you are definitely not going to be an exception.


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