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Bedbug Traps and a Bed Bug Exterminator

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Bedbugs are difficult to spot; still, there are ways to fight these insects. These parasitic insects are a threat to a family’s well-being once they infest a  property. Moreover, it’s costly to remove bedbugs from a property. Calling the bed bug exterminator is the right thing to do to permanently get rid of a bedbug infestation. Nevertheless, some DIY bedbug traps are effective to intercept these insects until a professional exterminator arrives on a property. Here are those DIY bedbug traps:

Interceptor Cups:

Bedbugs attract towards the carbon dioxide humans exhale while sleeping. Thus, they feed on human blood for a good reason. Moreover, they prefer to remain hidden from the view unless they feed. Interceptor cups can help trap bedbugs when they move from their hiding spots to the food source. Bedbugs can move over rough or textured surfaces but can’t climb smooth surfaces. Interceptor cup designs also target this disability of bedbugs as bedbug traps. Placing an interceptor cup under each bed spot can help you trap these insects while you sleep with your family. 

You can purchase commercially manufactured interceptor cups from some online retailers. You can also utilize them for monitoring furniture to identify a bedbug infestation if you suspect it. Still, you can’t catch all bedbugs through these traps because bedbugs commonly hide on the headboard and mattresses. Therefore, you will need to call professional exterminators to exterminate bedbugs from your property for good.   

Mattress Encasement System:

You can also count on a mattress encasement system to trap bedbugs. It’s a vinyl or a polyurethane-lined fabric cover for a mattress and a box spring. It can trap bedbugs living inside the bed, effectively starving them. Additionally, it forms an impenetrable barrier against bedbugs who may attempt to infest the bed. You can also identify bedbugs on the surface of the cover, deploying it as a monitoring tool. You can purchase mattress encasements from major retailers; and some pest control companies. 

Mattress encasement system comes in different price ranges; nonetheless, a high-priced system will work more effectively. When buying it, make sure it’s bite-proof besides breathable, waterproof, and comfortable to sleep on. 

These are two bedbug traps you may capitalize on to trap bedbugs. Yet, you can’t deal with a bedbug infestation permanently successfully using these traps. Nonetheless, these bedbug traps are handy. Once you trap bedbugs with these traps, you can wait for exterminators to kill the remaining bedbugs from your property.


Bedbugs are tough to spot; still, there are ways to fight these insects. These parasitic insects endanger a family’s well-being once they infest a property. Calling the bed bug exterminator is the right thing to do to permanently eradicate bedbugs from a property. The following two DIY bedbug traps are handy to trap bedbugs, yet not completely effective:

  1. Interceptor cups can help you trap some bedbugs when they move from their hiding spots to a food source.
  2. A mattress encasement system can trap bedbugs living inside the bed while starving them.

Lastly, calling the exterminator is your only option to exterminate bedbugs for good from your home. 

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