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8 precious & useful tips for designing eye-catchy hair extension boxes

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Nothing can enhance the aesthetics of the hair extensions better than cleverly designed Hair Extention Boxes.This is because of their unique and creative visuals. They look pretty eye-catching due to the graphical illustrations on them. The image of the item inside also enhances its aesthetics. Moreover, businesses use creative colors on them that look pretty alluring. As cardboard materials are used in manufacturing them, these packages are easy to customize in many ways. So, their shapes and styles are unique. Their size is also dependent on the size of the product inside. Premium lamination enhances their looks. Some of these packages have dual encasement as well.

Hair Extention Boxes are unique and attractive due to their innovative visuals and shapes. As the demand for the product is rising, competition is on the rise as well. That is why many businesses need to have great packages that are matchless. For this purpose, they need innovations in design. If you want some tips for this purpose, we are here for you. These are 8 precious tips in this regard.

Premium lamination is vital

Hair and touch have a great relationship. So, custom hair extension boxes should give a great sensation when people take them in their hands for the first time. This is easy to do by using premium lamination on them. Matte lamination looks premium and gives a smooth feeling on grabbing. Whereas the glossy one looks shiny and gives a stylish look. No matter what you choose, get it in high-quality. This is going to give you many benefits.

Decorative materials look great

You must be wondering if these are not the gift items that need proper decoration. But let us assure you that these packages are not less than that either. These products are precious to the people. That is why their packaging should represent that value as well. For this purpose, it is beneficial to decorate them with a dedicated rope handle, a ribbon as a gift package, etc. This thing can lift the value of your product greatly.

Image printing is essential

Well! This one needs no introduction, as we all know that people love to see what is inside the packaging. Especially in the case of these delicate products. That is why printing images on these hair extension cardboard boxes is extremely beneficial. Customers are going to get an overview of the item inside without opening the package. This can give them confidence in buying as well as enhance the aesthetics of the packaging.

Use of alluring die-cut window 

A die-cut window can turn an ordinary package into a premium one if designed creatively. For this purpose, it is a good thing to customize the shape of this window. Try to match it with the item inside. Or it is also beneficial to link it with the specific event in the life of the targeted audience. Like a heart shape for Valentine’s Day, an egg for Easter, etc. Due to this, people can see the actual item without opening the package. That ensures that the item they are trying to buy is untouched.

Be creative with the shapes

In this modern age, people are no longer interested in the conventional rectangular shapes of printed boxes. That is why this tip is going to make your package an innovative one. Creativity with the shapes can enhance the visual appeal of the product inside. This is because the visuals of the packaging are linked with the appealing factor of the products. Try pentagonal, hexagonal, pyramidal, triangular, pillow box, cylindrical, etc. shapes. Select one of them or create an entirely new shape design.

Graphical patterns look adorable

When we are talking about hair products, they must look great on the retail shelves among the ocean of the products. For this purpose, it is advised that you print these packages with artwork, graphical patterns, illustrations, etc. These printed hair extension boxes will have enhanced visuals that people will like. You can also customize their colors to make an impact.

Pay attention to a larger perspective

Many people focus on the details and forget about the broader picture. You put all your effort into giving attention to the details but forget to perceive what the overall design will look like. This is a nightmare for the brands, especially in the case of cosmetic products. So, it is our advice that you need to give attention to the overall design, along with focusing on the details.

The dual encasement model is exciting 

This one has huge importance in terms of designing the hair extension packages. People perceive the value of a product in the standard of care you put in its packaging. The dual encasement model of the packaging shows great care towards the products. Like it holds the items firmly inside that shows the premium nature of the item. This is a great way of designing these packages adorably.

Custom hair extension boxes can snatch the attention of the customers quickly. But that requires a creative mindset in the designing process. People often want to learn how they can design adorable-looking hair extension packaging. That is why we have concluded the aforementioned tips that come from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.


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